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My blog has been blocked after very first post

Travel Forums System Talk My blog has been blocked after very first post

1. Posted by tikadolla (Full Member 2 posts) 3y

I am a new user of Travellers Point and I joined with the intention of creating a blog of my trip to Perth (which literally starts in a couple of days time), and to read other users insights into places I plan on visiting. However, my blog has been blocked after I made my first post, claiming that this could be spam. I am a genuine tourist, not a spammer. I am still waiting for an administrator to get back to me on this issue.

As a new user, I find this very intimidating and disenchanting. If there is anyone who can help me on this matter, your time would be much appreciated.


2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4942 posts) 3y

You probably included a number of links on your first post, which triggered the automatic spam block. We're suffering quite a bit from spammers unfortunately, and this automatic blocking cuts down tremendously on them.
The admins in Australia should be coming into the office in half an hour or so, and I'd assume that they'll lift the block shortly after (depending on just how many blocked blogs they have to review).

3. Posted by tikadolla (Full Member 2 posts) 3y

Thank you for the quick reply, very much appreciated. The block has now been removed. I do understand how annoying spamming is. From what I have seen on this site so far you all do a fantastic job. :)

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5933 posts) 3y

Hi Tim,

Apologies for the somewhat unwelcoming introduction to our site. It was not something we took lightly, putting in these blocks. We were getting 50 spam blogs or more started per day sometimes. Our check now is fairly basic and aggressive, but it catches nearly all of them. Unfortunately that also means it catches some legitimate users as well. At this point though, the percentage of people who are caught who are legitimate users is still very small. It's mostly spammers who get caught by this trap. Now your block's been cleared though, you shouldn't encounter it again. It's a one-off thing.

With that, welcome to Travellerspoint