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Advice on single tickets and travelling to South America

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Advice on single tickets and travelling to South America

1. Posted by Jax_a (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

Hi There

I'm busy planning my round the world trip next year and I'm seriously considering booking single tickets, rather than a round the world (so I can have more flexibility). I'm looking for any advice on travelling from New Zealand to South America (I'm planning visiting most of New Zealand and South America so destinations are flexible). Any ideas/suggestions on the best routes, where to look for flights etc. would be great.

Also has anyone else booked single tickets before? For the route I want to do I think I could save quite a bit of money by just booking singles (I've read about it on a site suggested on here) but I am worried that I may end up stuck in a country that's costly! Also the flexibility is very appealing to me.

Thanks in advance.


2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1834 posts) 3y

Compare prices and see if singles are cheaper than RTW (which have quite a lot of flexibility in time and how you travel.) RTW tickets can be tailored to suit your needs, with overland stretches.

From NZ, I would fly to Peru, then down to Chile, across to Argentina (cheapest crossing Santiago to Buenos Aires), with maybe a look-in on Uruguay and up to Brazil. From there to?

Flights are quite expensive and buses may need quite a few changes and be long and very monotonous. Usually best to book flights quite early, and before arrival in that country.

The countries are not that expensive. Travel will be your biggest cost.

3. Posted by Jax_a (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

Cool thanks for the advice :). I'll have a look into that route.


4. Posted by kellyperry15 (Inactive 20 posts) 3y

I belive Cyberia had given best itenary to your query!. While i would like to add the Caribbeans island to the tour list if it not brust your budget. Caribbeans island would be more beauitful than you see other things in SA.