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so far away but im soo excited :D

Travel Forums Asia so far away but im soo excited :D

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11. Posted by kellyperry15 (Inactive 20 posts) 3y

Quoting Steve79

I'd definitely go to Laos and Vietnam.

yeah adding them to travel bucket list a great

12. Posted by Durlew04 (Budding Member 46 posts) 3y

cheers for your post guys

looks like im going to have to switch it all around again " back to the drawing board "

;) cheers guys

13. Posted by Tiddy Wallapa (Budding Member 17 posts) 3y


In my opinion, staying in Thailand for 7 months you may be able to visit neighboring countries but it depends on you..... So many peoples just stay and speng their times chilling in Thailand for over a year or more.
For visa conditions, you may take that chance to visit neighboring countries besides Thailand.

For your plan in Thailand if you have time why you aren't consider to visit another part of Thailand such as the north of Thailand or any other provinces.

Hope you have a good trip.

14. Posted by Out with sexism (Inactive 1 posts) 3y

Stop calling us all guys. It is sexist.

Please stop calling all of us guys. It is shocking to say the least, that traditional sexist language such as calling us all man or mankind has now been replaced by another generic male word for us all.

[ Edit: Sorry, no promos please. ]

15. Posted by Steve79 (Respected Member 330 posts) 3y

Quoting Out with sexism

It is shocking to say the least

It is one of the most shocking things I have ever heard I agree.

16. Posted by mojorob (Moderator 1047 posts) 3y

Quoting Out with sexism

Stop calling us all guys. It is sexist.

I already asked you (or a friend of yours) in a different thread if you were intending on making any posts that are relevant to the topics at hand. Oddly enough, I didn't get a reply to that question before that account was made inactive and have seen no indication that you wish to participate on these forums.

I also mentioned that at the moment you are simply trolling. It's usually preferred that trolls remain under the bridge from which they came.

17. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4946 posts) 3y

It's a shame this poster is taking such a counter-productive way to bring up this topic; in threads where it really doesn't have a place at all. Latent sexism is a difficult topic to bring to the table under the best of circumstances - people get defensive very easily, after which a discussion can get derailed in no time - but this way all that's being accomplished is that the topic is going to be equated with trolling. :(

18. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 3y

Now then, chaps, let's keep it friendly eh? ;)

Don't spend 7 months in Asia without spending a couple of weeks in Vietnam. It's a fantastic country to travel in.

19. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1734 posts) 3y

For seven months know what your visa requirements are! Depends on the country passport you use when checking in at immigration. Don't wait to the last minute because you will probably have to purchase a tourist visa since you want to be in this area so long.

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