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Flying to Sydney end of December alone....anyone else?

Travel Forums Travel Companions Flying to Sydney end of December alone....anyone else?

1. Posted by Leona82 (Budding Member 12 posts) 3y

I arrive in Sydney December 28th. Travelling alone. Staying with a friend for a my first few nights and then I'll be into hostels. No set plan as of yet. But ideally want to spend a month or so travelling the coast. Anyone else heading out around this time on their own or wanting to meet new people?
I'm 31, female, originally from Ireland. Travelling since June 2012 but always keen to meet new people

2. Posted by tuck60 (Budding Member 27 posts) 3y

Hey, I have been travelling since March but mainly India and SE Asia. Been in Sydney since September working but want to travel the Coast in January too when my contract finishes.
Were you thinking of getting a car or van or doing it by coach? Would be cool to start off with others. Tom

3. Posted by Leona82 (Budding Member 12 posts) 3y

Ah I haven't been to India yet. Dying to go. I mainly did Africa and all over Asia. Thinking of potentially getting a camper van or something of that sort. Haven't really looked into it yet. But think it would be pretty awesome to be able to go wherever and whenever instead of following a bus schedule BUT I wouldn't rule out the greyhound if the whole camper thing didn't work out. How are you finding Sydney?

4. Posted by tuck60 (Budding Member 27 posts) 3y

India was amazing, it's a crazy place. I think a van would be awesome too. Sydney is good but have been working since I got here to get some money back so looking forward to seeing more of Australia. Ideally I wanted to leave Sydney mid Jan, is this the sort of time you were thinking?

5. Posted by Leona82 (Budding Member 12 posts) 3y

Yeah it looks and sounds crazy. Always wanted to go but didn't really want to tackle India solo.
Yeah that's the same timeframe as me. So I fly next week to Perth as my best mate lives there now so doing Xmas there, then arrive Sydney 28th and will get my bearings and do some research about a route. Haven't planned anything as I'm sure you know yourself what it's like, best waiting until I get there. Did you find getting work in Sydney easy enough? How long are you staying in Oz?
I've my one year visa and if I like it I'll try for sponsorship. If you want, add me on Facebook to stay in touch. It's Leona Kyle. Think I'm still listed as living in Bali Indonesia on it

6. Posted by tuck60 (Budding Member 27 posts) 3y

Ah cool, I haven't planned anything either so pretty happy to go with the flow. I have a year visa too but need to be back in England in May for a friends wedding but I could come back. Like you I could stay if found sponsorship with the right job. I was pretty lucky and got a job after a week but others found it a lot harder, I was just lucky I guess. Depends what sort of work you are after too I think.

I met a lot of people in India on there own and no one had any issues, I think it is more something you read about.