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Southeast Asia to AUS/NZ

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1. Posted by kristashley7 (Budding Member 9 posts) 3y


I am currently a kindergarten english teacher in Thailand and with my contract coming to a close I wanted to beginning the steps to planning my next adventure. I want to travel through Southeast Asia and end up in either Australia or New Zealand.

Specifically speaking these are the two pathways I have been debating:

north thailand > south thailand > malaysia > bali > cambodia > vietnam > laos


south thailand > north thailand > laos > vietnam > cambodia > malaysia > bali

  • *the last locations with lead to either AUS or NZ deepening which destination is cheaper to fly OUT of and fly IN to.
  • if you have ANY suggestions, tips, advice (which airlines are best, which is cheapest to fly OUT/IN, etc), places that i HAVE to visit, or stories about any of these locations i would LOVE to hear them!

thanks so much! look forward to hearing from you!!

2. Posted by TravelSmart54 (Inactive 42 posts) 3y

I would say go for turikish arline they would best:)

3. Posted by wizzmor1977 (Respected Member 214 posts) 3y

AirAsia flies pretty cheap from KL to Perth or Melbourne. They are a budget airline but i have always found the service perfectly acceptable.

4. Posted by Degolasse (Travel Guru 823 posts) 3y

Why do you plan to jump from south Thailand up to Indochina, or from North Thailand to Malaysia? Wouldn't it make more sense to go to Northern Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - Cambodia - Bangkok - South Thailand - Malaysia - Indonesia.

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6. Posted by kristashley7 (Budding Member 9 posts) 3y

Thank you so much! these are wonderful ideas!

unfortunately i thought about doing one end of thailand then traveling then do the other end, but with my visa situation i can't re-enter thailand and i wanted to see all of thailand before i left :/

thanks so much for the information about vietnam! that all looks amazing! i will probably contact you closer to my arrival in vietnam, thanks again!

7. Posted by ruthbriggs (Inactive 29 posts) 3y

I think you should go China, that is a nice country for travel