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Traveling an working in austraila arou. April/may 2014

Travel Forums Travel Companions Traveling an working in austraila arou. April/may 2014


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21. Posted by Tiff20 (Budding Member 32 posts) 3y


The 7 day tour is $799 which sounds al lot but that does include a lot and it looks like a great way to meet lots of people.

Yeah it's hard to tell how long to stay until you get there and settle in. I'm taking 4000 but will be looking for work as well but don't want to work to much either just do as much travelling as pos, a lot of people have said how nice Melbourne is so looks like it would be a great place to go.
You can add me on FB might be easier to keep in touch it's Tiffany Scott

Tiff :) x

22. Posted by Tom161191 (Budding Member 124 posts) 3y

Hello people,

I'm doing the same thing but later on in the year, im thinking about doing a second year aswell. Does anyone know how easy it is to get agricultural work so you can get the second year ? Also anyone else going back end of year ? Like other I would like to meet up with people if possible :)

23. Posted by fayelinny (Budding Member 17 posts) 3y

Hi Everyone,

I'm heading to Melbourne on 12th Feb 2014 and doing the ultimateoz arrival package. Plan to stay in Melbourne for a few months to work and save some more money before travelling about (no set plans on this as of yet) but would be great to speak to anyone with similar plans. I'm travelling on my own for the first time and pretty terrified at the moment haha so would be great to meet up with people if possible.


24. Posted by Tom161191 (Budding Member 124 posts) 3y

Faye how much money are you going with ? And have you got any work lined up or just going with the flow ? I'm not going till end of year ish but just
Wondering what people are doing ?

25. Posted by fayelinny (Budding Member 17 posts) 3y

Hey Tom..

I'm planning to go with around £3500 but then wanting to work and save some more so i can travel for a bit before having to work again (planning to be there for the full year). I haven't got anything set in stone yet but i have a contact in recruitment in Melbourne who is looking into something for me. If not i just plan to try for bar/ restaurant work once i arrive.


26. Posted by Tom161191 (Budding Member 124 posts) 3y

Yeah I was thinking around £3000 , are you staying in hostels or just moving around ? I've thought about even renting a tent and just camping and moving around ha, not sure for deffinet yet though as I wanna travel more than work but will obviously have to do something work wise.


27. Posted by fayelinny (Budding Member 17 posts) 3y

Yeah sounds good! To be honest i haven't got any set plans for accommodation. I'm thinking hostels when i first arrive and then possibly a flat share for a few months whilst i work (if i can find somewhere cheap). Then just hostel/ campervan or whatever's cheapest whilst traveling around i think. When you planning on heading out?


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29. Posted by Vikkij90 (Budding Member 13 posts) 3y

Hey Tiff :-) (any anyone else).

I think I might look into the ultimate Oz package - just depend how much more I can get saved before I leaveas I don't have much yet eek. Im in the same boat… Want to do as much travelling as poss but don't have enough to do that without working too..unfortunately. Someone I know over there recommended going round gold coast and then find where you prefer and settle there and work. In a million minds of how to go about what hehe…

I sent a message to someone on fb but thinking it may not be you - mines (Anyone else going around the same time feel free to add)

Vikki :)

30. Posted by Kingy19 (Budding Member 11 posts) 3y

In glad my post has got a lot of attention :) we all seem to be I the same boat.. I have my plan sorted now.. I am flying to Brisbane 1st week of June and for the 1st week I will just be getting comfortable then I shall be heading up Gold Coast for work.. Should be pretty easy to find work Out there well I'm confident :)