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1. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 797 posts) 3y


I understood from something I read here & may be mistaken, that permission had to be obtained from the 'Owner' to get a copy of a photo.

I was able to copy one of my own. Is that because it is mine?

How does one go about getting ( or giving ) permission to copy or is that not possible?


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5940 posts) 3y

Permission is required legally as you are the copyright owner.

There is however nothing stopping someone from just copy/pasting your photo and using it. Not really a whole lot we can do about that. If you want the photo to be publicly visible then it is also possible to copy it.

3. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 3y

I noticed some photos of yours of San Francisco that look like they are not yours.

Are you also using photos of somebody else too?

I prefer just uploading your own photos, I don't understand why you would want to upload general photos of places if you have been there yourself and took photos right?


4. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 797 posts) 3y


I do not know which photo you are referring to but I took all of the photos on my Blog.

So - point me to the photo you are being so obnoxious about.


5. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 3y

No need to be rude please. You wouldn't have a clue how many copied photos I see while going through them, or including spam etc. And what you call obnoxious, the Dutch might call 'direct'. At least I didn't use words like obnoxious like you do.

Not talking about the ones in your blog, but the ones you uploaded in general.

this one and this one (the latter saying copy).

They just have different sizes and the colours seem different. And also I wondered how you took them: helicopter flight?

I am not saying they are not yours, but again considering what I run into sometimes, I always am reluctant, so sorry if that offended you.


6. Posted by Peter (Admin 5940 posts) 3y

Steve, as you can see, we do take a dim view of people copying photos in general. I don't think your photos are copied though.

Mike, I wouldn't be suspicious of those photos - probably a flight over the harbour or something similar. If you are in doubt, what you can do is a reverse image search in Google to see if it exists anywhere else. To do this go to and click on the little photo icon inside the text input. Then paste in the url of the photo file here on Travellerspoint. In both these cases they don't come up with any results which to me is a clear indicator that they aren't copied.

7. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 3y

cheers Peter,
didn't know about that option.
I don't agree about it though that because of this it's a clear indicator that they aren't copied.
I don't mean these photos only, but in general: if it doesn't pop up (no results), it's a clear indicator. There are probably ways to get around this as well.

But hey: this one is genuine, so fine by me in the first please. At least it's no spam lol..:)

8. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 797 posts) 3y


I said that you were being obnoxious because you made accusations against me which are untrue. You call that direct but I find that extremely rude on your part.
You could have just started out by asking the questions about sizes & colours etc before making accusations. And - yes, you were saying those photos were not mine.

I change something on most of my photos. Crop, Enhance Exposure, colour correction, all sorts. In fact, I make it a practise now to auto enhance every photo before I even look at it. 90% of the time there is an improvement. Then I crop. In the past I used to duplicate (copy) my photos to leave the original as is. I now know I don't have to do that.

If you read my blog you would see that the two photos were taken by me from a float plane.

If you still think they are copies, send me the originals. You won't be able to as I have those too.
I can put the whole sequence from the flight, with before and after images If that would satisfy your curiosity.

I only post versions, rarely the master.



9. Posted by Peter (Admin 5940 posts) 3y

Quoting Utrecht

I don't agree about it though that because of this it's a clear indicator that they aren't copied.

Well, it's not guaranteed of course, but it's enough to give people the benefit of the doubt. Considering 99% of people who are copying images for upload are copying them from somewhere else on the internet, I'd say it's a pretty strong indicator when a search doesn't show anything.

10. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1834 posts) 3y

Many have no real problem with people copying their photos but are endlessly annoyed when others claim the photos are their own.

You can put a watermark on photos.