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1. Posted by colinmc (Full Member 129 posts) 3y

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Hey Fellow globe trotters

I haven't posted on here for a while due to lack of exploring.....damn job.

I am planning to travel from Japan to South Korea over 3 weeks and I am looking for some information. I will list the questions bellow and if any one has any input / suggestions please feel free to answer them. I will probably be traveling from Tokyo and getting the ferry to Busan.

1 - places to see in Japan and south Korea (busan)

2 - how much does the ferry roughly cost.

3 - best mode of transport across country.

4 - best cheapish hotels / guest houses, I wont be sharing a room or sleeping in a hostel.

5 - any hidden gem restaurants.

Thats all I can think for now but I am sure the fantastic members of this site will have much more input and I look forward to the responses.



2. Posted by SA-Tokyo (Budding Member 30 posts) 3y

Hi , This is SA-Tokyo who live & work in Tokyo , a Japanese.
Thank you for choose our country to your next dextination !!

1 - places to see in Japan and south Korea (busan)

I recomend
Tokyo to Kyoto to Nara to Osaka to Hyogo (Himeji) to Hiroshima to Fukuoka ,
and then You can go to Busan in South Korea from Fukuoka by ferry.

2 - how much does the ferry roughly cost.

You can check the rate between Hakata & Busan.
From Hakata(Fukuoka) to Busan

3 - best mode of transport across country.

Shinkansen super express is a good choice in Japan.
You can use these JR pass.

We , Japanse , can't use these JR Pass because they're for tourists from other countries.
Good price , I think.

4 - best cheapish hotels / guest houses, I wont be sharing a room or sleeping in a hostel.

How about this hotel ?
This hotel is owned by Japanese company , but you can find it in Busan , too !

5 - any hidden gem restaurants.

Could you please tell me what kind of food you wanna eat in Japan !

Best regards,


3. Posted by Pascalev (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

Hi Colin,
you can find every thing through internet , but i can give you some info since i been in Fukuoka 2 time and in Pusan 2 years ago: i can't remember now the place name but in Pusan you can find dormitory for very very cheap(at last 2 youth hostel) Pusan is very interesting place were you can eat at the fish port very traditional and cheap , also street food every were.
From Pusan to Seoul you can travel by night train, trains inKorea are very cheap.Visit the temple 30 min from Pusan.
In Fukuoka the last guest house which opened last year is very confortable and convenient, its a family business just in front of the famous Kudanshita shrine.I passed a great journey there:
nakaima guest house (on face book to).If they are no place the guest house Kane is also very friendly , Mizue the manager is very kind and nice person: Guest house Kane : you will find very easy on web.Kane is old and tiny but the mood are good: (they are on trip advisor were you can find more details...
After Fukuoka i advise you to take the nights bus : its the cheaper solution.The are lot of different company and when i'm traveling in Japan were i' go every year i take this solution because its more convenient and no limit time( i hate Japan rail pass for that) i think bus night is cheapest solution (if you know japanese to help yomore option ) but willer express bus company are english web page.
In Tokyo , i'm always go to TCO guest house near Ueno, its a traditional house with quiet dormitories.
In Kyoto don't miss Fushimi Inari were you can go any time: open 24/24 !;)

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