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Visited countries do not appear on the map

Travel Forums System Talk Visited countries do not appear on the map

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1. Posted by ToddP (Budding Member, 12 posts) 30 Dec '13 12:17

Hi Guys,
visit countries are not recognized on my map such as Mexico, Belize, Japan, Jordan, etc. Thanks in advance.


2. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru, 334 posts) 30 Dec '13 13:07



3. Posted by Peter (Admin, 5459 posts) 30 Dec '13 16:32

Hi Todd, I assume you're referring to the stats page. There's a bug in the way countries are allocated. Sometimes stops aren't property allocated the country and then this issue happens. I've fixed up your trips somewhat to at least include those countries you mentioned were missing. If you find any others missing, let me know. Until this bug is sorted eventually it's just a manual fix for now.

4. Posted by ToddP (Budding Member, 12 posts) 31 Dec '13 02:12

Thanks for your help Peter. Happy New Year.


5. Posted by ToddP (Budding Member, 12 posts) 10 Jan '14 12:00

please could you fix the stats page please:

Missing countries from the map: Croatia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Singapore, United States.

Countries to be removed: State of Palestine.


6. Posted by Peter (Admin, 5459 posts) 11 Jan '14 17:30

I fixed those missing ones. The state of palestine one is due to the Dead Sea stop on one of your trips. Removing it is not easy because for some reason the system seems to think that's part of Palestine. I guess it's close to the border. I'd suggest moving the marker slightly and it might fix it.

7. Posted by ToddP (Budding Member, 12 posts) 12 Jan '14 02:42

Thanks for your help. I've moved the mark in relation to the Dead Sea and hopefully this will fix the State of Palestine issue on the map.

Within stats it's counting 55 countries visited - which is correct, however on the actual map - only 46. Could you have a look please.

Thanks again.

8. Posted by Peter (Admin, 5459 posts) 12 Jan '14 02:57

That count on the map is not the count of countries - it's the count in range of number of times visited. Some countries visited once, to others visited 46 times. Admittedly that is most likely also wrong. Since we're only really showing one colour anyway, it probably shouldn't even show that bit of legend. Not sure if I'm able to turn that off though, as this is a bit of google API code.

9. Posted by ToddP (Budding Member, 12 posts) 12 Jan '14 03:15

Thanks a mil and have a nice day.

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