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1. Posted by vegashead (Inactive 1 posts) 3y

I am travelling around South East Asia right now and have plans on flying to Australia for a working holiday. My sister recently applied for a working holiday visa which she was granted. One of the questions you had to answer was if any of your parents have had tuberculosis. My mother had tuberculosis about 8 years ago. Our whole family was tested however and none of us had tuberculosis apart from my mother.

My sister answered yes to this question and because of that she had to do a costly lung x-Ray and the processing time for her visa application was at risk to be prolonged by several months. My brother applied for a working holiday visa about 5 years ago and he answered no to the question, which meant his application went more smoothly.

What I wonder is if relatives applications are compared? Let's say I applied for a visa and lied (although I would hate to lie) could it be that they would compare my application to my sister's and reject my application? I've undergone countless lung x-rays as a child and I did not have tuberculosis, it would therefore feel unnecessary for me to get a new x-Ray and also very difficult since I am right now travelling around less urban parts of Asia, so I doubt there will be a clinic nearby.

At the moment I don't know what to do. Does anyone know how risky it would be to answer the question untruthfully?

2. Posted by hasbeen (Respected Member 664 posts) 3y

Quoting vegashead


What I wonder is if relatives applications are compared? ........?

If they were not before, they will be now.

3. Posted by bodybyvi (Inactive 6 posts) 3y

i am also interested to know about this.