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Heading out to sydney the end of july/start of august!

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Heading out to sydney the end of july/start of august!

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1. Posted by Liamkoopa (Budding Member 10 posts) 3y

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Hey guys..
I'm a 21 year old guy planning on heading out to Sydney the end of july or the start of august on a WHV for 12 months. Is there anyone else going out at that time? I have no idea on plans yet but I intend to do some travelling up the coast and see where Australia takes me. Anyone got any ideas on places to stay or work in Sydney? The wake up hostel seems pretty popular :)

2. Posted by Jodi_0405 (Budding Member 52 posts) 3y

Hi :-)

I will be travelling solo and heading to sydney on a WHV at the end of september after 2 months in asia. I am planning on booking the oz intro for the week i land just so i have some time to meet people and then will probably start looking for working in fruit picking so i can get my 2nd year WHV.

Was thinking about maybe gettin a few people together and maybe buying a camper van road trip it round aus for a bit and see whre i end up.

How long you looking to travel in aus for? are you travelling alone or with a group of people?

Jodi :-)

3. Posted by Liamkoopa (Budding Member 10 posts) 3y

Hey Jodi,
I'm flying out alone, none of my friends are really the adventurous type aha. I'm hopefully going to be in Aus for the full 12 months all being well. My current profession of farming/butchery is already on the list on jobs that entitle you to another 12 months in Aus so hopefully I can do that and bypass the fruit picking all together. I'm planning on staying in Sydney for a few months then heading off up the east coast.. the gold coast..Brisbane...cairns etc. Then I wanna come inland a bit and make my way down to Melbourne. Nothing set in stone yet so who knows where i'll end up haha. The campervan idea sounds brilliant, something I was thinking of myself :)

how long you planning on staying in Aus for?
Liam :)

4. Posted by Jodi_0405 (Budding Member 52 posts) 3y

lol I have the same problem none of my friends are really adventurous either so it solo travelling for me also :-)
Thats good if you dont have to do fruit picking and can do what is already your profession.
That sounds like a good plan, I found on someones blog a bit where they talk about driving up the great ocean road up the east coast which looked like a good idea if i can get people to campervan it with me.

I hope to stay in Aus for the full 12 months (Although may be popping over to see a friend in the phillipines for a few weeks in the december) and then maybe off to NZ for a while.

Are you thinking of going anywhere else before or after aus?

If you are still interested nearer the time in joining me in getting a few people together to campervan it round the east coast, feel free to add me on FB :-)


5. Posted by Liamkoopa (Budding Member 10 posts) 3y

I'm not going anywhere before Aus, straight to Sydney I think. I'm not quite sure about after Aus either. Doing my three months work entitling me to my second visa, then after my first twelve months maybe going to NZ for a year and then back to Aus was something I was thinking of but that all depends on if I can save some in the last few months of Aus :/ I have no idea lol. I was looking at the great ocean highway as well the other day but I think that is heading more south east from Melbourne. So with travelling up the east coast then back down and then west I dunno how i'll fit enough work in ahaa. I don't know I have so many ideas but don't know where to start. I'll add you on facebook and we can discuss plans a little more. Would be good to know what other people are thinking and see if my ideas suck lol :)

6. Posted by Liamkoopa (Budding Member 10 posts) 3y

or I suppose you could start west and do it the proper way and head east :D

7. Posted by Naomi1234 (Budding Member 24 posts) 3y

Hi Liam,

I'm nearly 21 and also going to Sydney in July (the 12th) on a WHV. What are your plans while your out there? Have you booked your flight?

8. Posted by Liamkoopa (Budding Member 10 posts) 3y

Hi Naomi,

No actual plans while I'm out there yet because after a few days in Australia i'll probably end up changing my mind. Was really looking at travelling up the east coast but who knows I might end up going down to Melbourne and across to perth or something or just finding somewhere I like and staying there. I'm looking into the doing the OzIntro when I get there and if you haven't looked at that and your a solo traveller I'd advise having a look seems like a good piss up lol.

I haven't booked my flight yet, I'm saving up for a few months then booking when I have a decent amount of money and enough time to save some more. But most likely it'll be around the very end of july or august. All the flights going out of Birmingham on them sort of dates though seem to have really long connection times :/

What are your plans while you are out there? How long you staying around Sydney for, and are you going to try and do any fruit picking to get your second WHV?

Liam :)

9. Posted by elliemaex (Budding Member 14 posts) 3y

Hopefully heading out to Sydney on July 10th, will probably do ozintro then head up to do farm work for my 2nd year! Coming out with my friend, but no initial plans as of yet!


10. Posted by Naomi1234 (Budding Member 24 posts) 3y

I looked at Ozintro but i decided to go with UltimateOz because it seems like better value for money for me. You should take a look at that too, it looks really good and amazing reviews. Haha are you from bham then? Me too :) but im going from London Heathrow because i didnt even know you could get planes from Birmingham to Sydney! I'm literally gonna do that package thing and take it from there. I have no concrete plans but I reckon I'll stay in sydney for a good few months, get a job and settle in while i save for money to travel round the rest of the country. Are you thinking of spending 2 years there then? I haven't thought that far ahead yet! :)

Naomi x