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Travelling alone october-australia

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31. Posted by Amyyyy (Budding Member, 18 posts) 3 Feb '14 12:07

Okay girl what profile picture is yours?

32. Posted by Racheyh123 (Budding Member, 11 posts) 3 Feb '14 12:21

Got my hand on my chin

33. Posted by Sander (Moderator, 4394 posts) 3 Feb '14 12:27

Quoting Racheyh123

Inbox me on Facebook if you want a Aus planning buddy lol this site won't load properly on my phone

Try going through the mobile version of the site:

34. Posted by Amyyyy (Budding Member, 18 posts) 3 Feb '14 12:34

Can't find you babe haha hate Facebook can never find anyone! Try find me Amy Macdonald first one with 3 girls on profile picture

35. Posted by Rickie86 (Budding Member, 34 posts) 3 Feb '14 12:50

Hate Facebook. For finding ppl lol phone makes it so hard 😝

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37. Posted by Jodi_0405 (Budding Member, 52 posts) 4 Feb '14 03:56

Hi Rachey,

When are you thinking of going to Thailand? I will be landing in bangkok on 10th aug and then will be doing a tour until 3rd sept and then will be travelling down south on my own to island hop for a month :-)

What have you got planned for when you get to thailand?

Jodi :-D

38. Posted by Tom161191 (Budding Member, 84 posts) 5 Feb '14 15:38

Hey guys :)

I'm thinking of going around then aswell, I'm quite stuck as to what sort of luggage people are taking? Are most of you just taking a rucksack? Seems hard getting everything in it haha?


39. Posted by Amyyyy (Budding Member, 18 posts) 6 Feb '14 02:05

Heyyy that's what's annoying me the most haha I have way too many clothes to put in a backpack! Have you got visas and flights booked?

40. Posted by Tom161191 (Budding Member, 84 posts) 6 Feb '14 02:12