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1. Posted by jbjo2208 (Budding Member, 4 posts) 13 Feb '14 22:05

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Hi there.....need advise on travel to Peru. i have 1 week and would to include Lima & Inca City. Whats the best way and need comfortable stay with great experience of local food

2. Posted by Alain13 (Full Member, 33 posts) 13 Feb '14 23:53

Avoid Lima and go directly to Cuzco, spend some time there visiting the inca sites around and go by train to Machu Pichu. You could easily spend a week between Cuzco and and Machu Pichu

3. Posted by Roaming Rolts (Respected Member, 9 posts) 25 Feb '14 07:47

Alain 13 is right, skip Lima and head straight for somewhere else, especially if you only have a week. We spent a short day wandering around Lima and that was more than enough time. If you do decide to spend a day there, it's worth visiting Miraflores, but again, you're not missing much if you don't. Peru has far greater cities to offer.

About 4 hours from Lima to the South is Ica, which is a small town next to Huacachina. Huacachina is a lagoon in the middle of the dessert, which has sand dunes rising high on each side. We spent a couple of days messing around here. You can also do a morning trip to las Islas Ballestas, home to a lot of birds.

If you went anywhere other than Cusco, I would visit Arequipa. Although 12 hours on a night bus from Cusco, it is definitely worth it to see a traditional Peruvian town with a lot of history and the famous Santa Catalina monastry. From Arequipa you can do a long day's excursion (leave at 3am) to Colca Canyon, or do a trek for 2-3 days.

Cusco has plenty of Inca sites and ruins around it and then obviously there is Machu Picchu..... These would fill a few days nicely, but be careful with the adjustment to the high altitude. Arequipa makes for a good first stop en route as it's 2300m.a.s.l. before hitting 3400 in Cusco.

I would try to base yourself in Cusco plus one other place so that you can try to make the most of your time in Peru, but a week is really not much, so if you can find a few more days, they will be very well spent.

Good luck and feel free to ask any questions or check out my blog for ideas.

4. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru, 5336 posts) 2 Mar '14 04:40

Arequipa is definitely worth the trip. It was my favourite city in Peru. Obviously, Cuzco is great and a must-see! But Arequipa felt like a real Peruvian city. The monastery is so beautiful as are the views of El Misti. You can organize a trip to the Colca Canyon for trekking and to see the beautiful condors.

Lima is worth seeing but I would agree if you have only a week the time would probably be better spent seeing Cuzco and Arequipa. If you have time, Nazca is worth a short stop-over to see take a flight over the mysterious Nazca lines! :)

have a great trip

5. Posted by jbjo2208 (Budding Member, 4 posts) 2 Mar '14 19:58

Hi there....thanks a lot for the advise...will need to re plan and as mentioned....try to increase days....Thanks a lot

6. Posted by Paulj84 (Budding Member, 3 posts) 4 Mar '14 12:09

If you are planning to follow the above advise and go Lima-Ica-Nazca-Arequipa-Cusco then you should definitely look into Peru Hop. I couldnĀ“t take it when I was in Peru as I had already booked flights but I met a lot of people in my hostels who were Peru Hop passengers and they seemed to love it and I was kind of regretting I had planned everything in advance and booked all my flights.

7. Posted by tourinperucusco (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 13 Mar '14 09:19

thanks great information