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1. Posted by Mr Watts 86 (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 15 Feb '14 12:42

Mr Watts 86 has indicated that this thread is about Thailand

Hi I will be travelling alone in thailand begining july 1st.. im so excited.. the countdown is killing me!! Just on here to meet people whoo are inn the same boat.......

2. Posted by Jodi_0405 (Budding Member, 45 posts) 17 Feb '14 06:10


I am also travelling to asia alone but in august. i have booked a tour for 25 days and then will be left to my own devices for a month after the tour :-)
Can wait to go now just hope the next few months dont go to slow.

How long you going to be traveling in asia for? any plans of what you will do once you get there?


3. Posted by AinsleyLou (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 17 Feb '14 13:54

Hi there,

I've been doing my research and checking out places to go I was planning Cambodia, Bangkok, to Burma than hopefully Nepal it's quit difficult because I don't drive but I'm so determined!

I also have no idea about getting a visa, what my budget should be for 12months considering I'm planning to travel a lot and whether to book accommodation before hand or find places to stay?

If anyone has any advise they could give me please do many thanks.

4. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru, 1263 posts) 19 Feb '14 08:14

Quoting Mr Watts 86

Hi I will be travelling alone in thailand begining july 1st.. im so excited.. the countdown is killing me!! Just on here to meet people whoo are inn the same boat.......

Tourists visit Thailand every month of the year. You will meet people on tours, in restaurants, pubs and bars - just about anywhere. Even on the last part of your flight to Bangkok there may be fellow tourists interested in some of the same things you are. Pubs and beer bars are always good for meeting people. Don't sign on to any tours ahead of time. Very easy to get a tour in Bangkok and major cities through local travel agencies. They will have a list of popular places to visit. Some hotels have tour desks too. Normally you are in a passenger van going here and there with other tourists for several hours. Good way to meet other tourists.

For Bangkok there are several areas popular with tourists. Shopping - Pratunam area. If you are a young kid or think you are a backpacker - Khao San Road area. Riverside if you have money. Sukhumvit Nana area if you want to be able to walk to many things like restaurants, malls, street vendors and nightlife. Also you have access to the Skytrain. (Skytrain is overhead rail service available for many popular places in Bangkok - but not everywhere!) This Nana area also has hotels in all price ranges and a few hostels plus this area is lively even after 2 a.m.

Got your visa requirements worked out? With round-trip ticket, coming from most Western countries you can enter on a free Visa Exemption good for 30 days. Wait until you get to Thailand to change your money to Thai baht for a better rate. No problem changing most currencies even at the airport 24 hours a day. Thailand has many banks and smaller bank kiosks open just about every day and with good hours. Travelers checks work in Thailand pretty good the fee to cash one is 33 baht so only take the big denominations. Lots of ATM's but there is a fee of 150/180 baht per withdrawal. So take out the maximum you can at one time. (Exchange rates change daily.) There is regulated taxi service from both airports. From Suvarnabhumi there is good rail service too. (Airport Rail Link available 6 a.m. to midnight.)

For most areas if it rains the rain does not last all day. Usually it ends in an hour or two.

Keep up with current protest situation. Hopefully by July things will be more normal. Although tourists by the thousands are still arriving every day even right now. They are just avoiding protest areas and doing what they came for.

Good luck.