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  • aussirose 8w

    Tabitha, was reading your comments again on a thread I started in the travel forum. I see you are a friend of Adam. Cool :)


    Adam invited me to be a friend on TP, but I don't know him aside from here.

  • aussirose 8w

    Hey Steve. You found us :) Looking forward to next year.




  • aussirose 14w

    This is an Australia Meetup Group designed for TP meetings in Australia.

    This is the first posting for a meet up in Tasmania 5-18 May 2018 called "Tasting Tasmania".

    The trip is a tagalong campervan tour from Launceston to Hobart driving for no more than 2 1/2hrs each day. You hire your own transport and book your own accommodation.

    It is all about experiencing fine food, especially fresh seafood, local oysters,


    wineries, breweries, picnics and awesome scenery, with a bit of gem hunting and history thrown in.

    We will be stopping for 2 nights in 3 destinations so the trip is a nice and slow


    easy pace leisurely drive around the countryside and seaside of Tasmania.

    All interested, sign up here.

    The trip is posted on my page if you want to check it out.

    Should be a fun, friendly experience :)



    Well, this should be an easy one for me to get to. Definitely pencilling this in!


    Oh great Peter :) Will be great to meet you.

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