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  • tysadventures 4d

    Anyone have info or contact for casa particularas in Cuba that has a decent reputation with the lgbt community?



  • garrymoll 5d

    Been a few years from when I last posted on tp. Not sure how to navigate and need help X

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  • marsan.travelgo 3w

    Hello everybody, my study time is finally ends as a part of the master thesis. As I travel with my girlfriend also very gladly and we also a blog about traveling operate, I wanted to deal with this topic in my master thesis. In the context of a flight itinerary deals with the mobility behavior of travelers in order to meet the requirements and needs of a holiday trip of single travelers / couples or families (with young children), on-site mobility, optimization of traffic systems with regard to sustainable mobility in tourism etc.
    So I would be very happy if you could take 5-8 minutes for the questions in the following link to answer. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me. Cheers :)

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  • xiner 3w

    Looking for travel partners to Bali on middle of Aug.

  • steveallan 3w

    i am a tourists guide from mauritius and am here to help people from allaround the world

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  • sudhir7 4w

    Hi all..I looking for a good travel companion to travel India ..anybody interested ? Please send me a message.

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  • Hongcheol Hyun 6w

    I recommend you the interesting place to visit duing the vacation. This place is the Haenyeo Museum located in Jeju Island in Korea. If you visit here, you will have a nice time.
    The website address is

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  • aussirose 8w

    Hey all. This is not a serious thread.... well not too serious ;)

    In case you don't know.... hubby and I have been married for 38 years. Yeh..... long time believe me! lol.

    I have a dilemma that maybe you lot may have an answer to. Hubby and I share a travel addiction. You all probably understand :) We have just come back from a holiday to Kuala Lumpur and Manukan Island in Borneo. That is the end of our holidays for this year.

    Next May we have planned a couple of weeks driving around Tasmania.... btw, if you are interested in joining us.... please have a look at the Australian Meetups Group here on TP.

    Back to my dilemma.... Hubby has just found out that he can work on Saturdays and accumulate more holiday leave. That sucks..... for me ;(

    So..... hubby wants to take a week leave later on this year and go to Bali which is a cheap holiday for us that live in Perth. Bali is not a place that we have been interested in visiting......... until now.

    Now.... I am extremely jealous..... as you other travel addicts can imagine. Hubby is going overseas without me?!!!....... HuH!!

    I need help from you lot on how to cope with this extreme anxiety!! Got any ideas?....

    Maybe I should take a flexi day or two on that weekend and plan a girly weekend down at Margaret River Wineries?.... that could work... lol.

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