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  • aussirose 1w

    Hey all. This is not a serious thread.... well not too serious ;)

    In case you don't know.... hubby and I have been married for 38 years. Yeh..... long time believe me! lol.

    I have a dilemma that maybe you lot may have an answer to. Hubby and I share a travel addiction. You all probably understand :) We have just come back from a holiday to Kuala Lumpur and Manukan Island in Borneo. That is the end of our holidays for this year.

    Next May we have planned a couple of weeks driving around Tasmania.... btw, if you are interested in joining us.... please have a look at the Australian Meetups Group here on TP.

    Back to my dilemma.... Hubby has just found out that he can work on Saturdays and accumulate more holiday leave. That sucks..... for me ;(

    So..... hubby wants to take a week leave later on this year and go to Bali which is a cheap holiday for us that live in Perth. Bali is not a place that we have been interested in visiting......... until now.

    Now.... I am extremely jealous..... as you other travel addicts can imagine. Hubby is going overseas without me?!!!....... HuH!!

    I need help from you lot on how to cope with this extreme anxiety!! Got any ideas?....

    Maybe I should take a flexi day or two on that weekend and plan a girly weekend down at Margaret River Wineries?.... that could work... lol.

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  • aussirose 2w

    Hey all. About time we discussed something off topic. Obviously we are all travel addicts... but what else do you enjoy?

    Hubby and I both like photography having recently moved on to the world of DSLR.

    I enjoy jigsaw puzzles, playing cards and enjoying a few wines with my daughters :)

    Hubby likes sport.... playing golf with the boys and a weekend flutter on the horses.

    So..... over to you :)



    My big thing I like doing for fun is gardening. I am part of a community garden nearby that is still in the setup-up phase and I'm down there every Saturday with a few others digging, planting, weeding and growing lots of food. That has now led to me starting out with pickling things because sometimes there's just too much to eat. Maybe one day I'll pickle some peppers and pick a peck of them. :)


    That's a good idea Peter. So you will all get to enjoy the fruits of your labour?... Is that how it works?


    Well, it just lasts a lot longer. Also, we have a whole bunch of jerusalem artichokes ready for harvest and they are notorious for giving you ... eh.. gas. So although they taste nice, they are not super popular. Apparently when you pickle them though, the fermenting process gets rid of the gassiness and they are all good. I have two nice large jars of pickled jerusalem artichokes as a result. ;)


    Pickling is something that I have not tried yet. You may have given me a bit of inspiration here Peter.

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  • JackDes 2w

    My wife and I are moving from California to South Carolina, and have to drive between the two. Looks like there are several choices...US 40..US 10...others...anybody made the trip recently and care to share details?

    This is not a sight-seeing trip. WE have to beat the movers to the east coast!

    I'm trying to figure out the best route where I can stay on the road for 8 to 10 hours and then hit a motel. (My wife has a disability, and 12 to 16 hour days are not possible.

    Any help is appreciated.



    Hi JackDes, I'd recommend asking this question in the forums. . You'll get a better response on there then in this Off Topic group I think.

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  • thorne 6w


    will be travelling alone to yogyakarta this month i need some help and advice on how to get to borobudur temple and prambanan from yogyakarta central. What are the better options for transportation and maybe cheaper ways. thanks a lot.


    Hi Thorne, probably better to post this question in the forums. This is an off-topic group (ie, for chatting about stuff not to do with travel) and you're less likely to find help in here than if you post in the Asia forum.

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  • Peter 10w

    Has anyone seen any good documentaries lately?

    A few nights ago, I watched Atari: Game Over which I'd highly recommend. Brilliantly created and unexpectedly a somewhat touching story as well.