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  • laurenscully 3w

    Can anyone recommend a good farm for second year visas anywhere in Oz? or even a company that can do the work for me and get me signed up for the job? Im struggling , always hear horror stories about the ads online for farms any help would be appreciated cheers

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  • Jarred Taylor 3w

    Hi there.. travelling to Australia on the 3rd of July arrive on the 4th with a whv. I arrive in brisbane where I'm staying with a friend for a week or so then I'm willing to do anything. Just up for an adventure if there's anyone there willing to join please get in contact :)

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  • Afterall 4w

    Hey, in aus on whv, I'm in monkey Mia, trying to decide what to do next. I don't drive, Have been to coral bay and exmouth, was thinking about going back to coral bay but there don't seem to be any jobs there at the moment. Three options really are he'd back to coral bay and hope something comes up, get the bus straight up to Broome, or stop some else on the way to broome.

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  • evankesteren 5w

    I am arriving in Sydney at 7am on August 28th. Will anyone be there at that time? I am also wondering if anyone thinks I should purchase the night before I arrive at the hostel so I can sleep when I get there?


    If you do purchase the night before be sure to get in touch with them to tell them to tell them your plans. Usually when someone doesn't turn up and it's almost the middle of the night, they'll count it as a no-show and make the bed available for someone else.

    Usually, what I've done when arriving somewhere early in the morning like that is just go to the hotel/hostel anyway and ask them to look after my bags. Sometimes they will also allow an early check-in. If not, I just wander around for a bit exploring. Yes, you'll probably be feeling quite tired, but there is a certain amount of fun exploring when you've just got off a plane. :)


    Thanks for the advice! That is exactly what I will do. Hopefully I am forced to wander around so I dont get messed up with jetleg by falling asleep!

    Nina Francis

    I am in Sydney from the 25th - 3rd September and am I am alone.

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  • NinaFrancis 7w

    Hi I'm Nina a 19 year old travelling to Oz on 2nd July arriving in Melbourne on the 3rd. Will be staying with friends initially but then travelling on my own. Hope to do Uluru and Alice Springs in second week in July then travel down the East Coast from Cairns to Sydney for 3 to 4 weeks before flying on to NZ to see family in early August. However, at the moment totally flexible so if anyone is going to be there around the same time let me know as would love to share experiences with others if possible.


    That's packing a fair bit into a month. The main highlight near Melbourne is the Great Ocean Road. The city is a fun place to just wander around as well. There are some good quality free art galleries. I'd recommend NGV Australia as it is I think more interesting for international visitors. Also, I'd recommend a visit to the Queen Victoria Market and taking in an AFL match if you can. Tram travel within the CBD is free. If you're staying with friends though, you might be a little out of town in which case you'll need to get a Myki (or borrow one of theirs if you can). Melbourne is a safe city and fun city to explore on foot once you're in town. People like the laneways. There's tons of nice bars too if you want to spend up a bit.

    That drive from Cairns > Sydney is not insubstantial. I'd consider starting in the Whitsundays and working your way down from there. Between Whitsundays and Cairns the distances are the longest with not a huge amount of attractions. Still nice, but when you have a limited amount of time, I'd focus on further south. Though the weather is definitely nicer in Cairns this time of year.


    Tell us a bit more about Cairns to Sydney. As Peter said, driving Cairns down the coast is a bit boring. You are better off flying to the Whitsundays or taking an overnight Greyhound bus. There is a ton of things to do in and around Cairns. Botanical Gardens. Prominade. Millaa Millaa falls. Great Barrier Reef. Outter reef adventures.
    Kuranda train and cable car. Off the beaten path to the Daintree and Cape Trib. Tropic Days backpackers is fantastic.
    Whitsundays is good for island hopping, day sailing trips. Famous whitehaven beach. You can fly direct from Cairns to Hamilton Island and again from Hamilton to Brisbane or Sydney. There is also another airport on the mainland at Peoserpine.
    Weather in Cairns and the Whitsundays will be nice. Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne will be cold so you will need to pack for both.
    Have a great time!

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  • hlebuxto 7w

    Hi everyone,
    I've just booked my flights to leave Manchester on 3rd August and to arrive in Sydney on the 4th. If any of you are around then I'd love to get to know some of you!


    We are flying from Manchester info Melbourne and arriving august 1st so will be around that area at some point!

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  • Xox Jojo xox 9w

    Hey, I'm heading into Sydney 18th October. Then doing contikki tour for month. I end up in Darwin if anybody is interested meeting up let me know xox

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  • ZM92 9w

    Hi everyone! :)

    My flight is booked to leave London on November 1st and I will be arriving in Sydney November 3rd and plan to work up the East Coast!

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  • Georgina211 9w

    I'm going over to australia on the 8th may on a HWV and would be nice to meet some people. I will be staying in Canberra


    Hi there! We will be flying into Melbourne on 1st August. You must be getting excited now!


    Yeah I am, as well as nervous:/ what are you looking at doing whilst out in Australia?


    Are you going on your own? Don't be nervous! Not entirely sure, looking to just explore in the first year. If we happen to stay for a 2nd then we will probably look for jobs. What about you?