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  • Ebayer coming to Thail land
    Hi expats' etc!!! Coming to Thailand to explore and hunt listings for my Ebay store and know my mfr's on a first name basis. Who wants to point me to good artists, stores, mfrs' etc? Any expat's in the export biz that want to accomodate an intelligent, informed, reasonable gent from the usa? THANKX ...

  • Funding ones travel
    afternoon ladies n gents, i've been eager to get out and see the world for a long time now. i've been working for about 2 and a half years and have a fair bit of money saved up (not loads - about 5grand sterling) ... i've visited many countries in the world but im really sick n tired of this office ...

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Garden in the City
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Garden in the City

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Guesthouse PoortAckere

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