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Battambang Discusiones

  • Cambodia - 2 weeks in April - itinerary - help/advice wanted
    Obviously, don't miss Angkor Wat, it's a marvelous site! The boat ride between Siem Reap and Battambang is also worth the time, it's a opportunity to see great nature and the river life. But forget the boat trip between SR and PP, most of the time you're on the lake and won't see anything... Battambang ...

  • 3 month trip route advise
    morning cross into Cambodia via Poipet. Take shared taxi to Sisaphon and from here head for Battambang ( I say Battambang instead of Siem Reap cos the stretch from Sisaphon to SR is horrid), and in Battambang ...

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Battambang My Homestay
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Battambang My Homestay

#359, Group 16 Sangkat Chamcarsamrong - Pensión
The World Guesthouse
67 %

The World Guesthouse

St.515, Chhreykourng Village Slarkaet Commune (Mapa) - Pensión
Ganesha Family Guesthouse

Ganesha Family Guesthouse

Street 1.5, 20 Ouk Saphea Commune Svay Por VillagE (Mapa) - Pensión