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Hangzhou Discusiones

  • Two-week trip to Shanghai
    Hi, three of my friends and I are planning a trip to Shanghai in late March and we're wondering if there places that we should definitely go apart from the 'must-see' tourist spots like the Pearl Tower etc. We've planned 3 day trip down to Hangzhou and Suzhou based on a fantastic guide we found online - - snip ...

  • Hong Kong - Xi'an - Nanning - Hanoi
    Yes, i think the Terracotta army is the "do-not-miss" world heritage site. Besides Guilin suggested by Degolasse, I advise you Hangzhou, another beautiful city in China. Especaily in winter, it ...

  • hostel rates in the spring festival (CHINA)
    Will the hostel INCREASE their rates for the spring festival... I am planning to go to Hangzhou and Shanghai and beyond. I am hoping its still 50 rmb and below. well the locals don't go to the big cities ...

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V+ Theme Inn - Lingyin Temple Branch

V+ Theme Inn - Lingyin Temple Branch

No. 292 Bai Le Bridge, Lingyin Temple area West Lake District (Mapa) - Pensión
Man Cun Guesthouse

Man Cun Guesthouse

248 Xia Man Jue Long Road Xi Hu District (Mapa) - Pensión
UU Guesthouse

UU Guesthouse

No. 176 Shu Guang Road (Mapa) - Pensión