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Natal Discusiones

  • Where to go travelling? The middle ground.
    the northface-wearing crowds at Patagonian hiking towns such as Puerto Natales, to the sleepy Peruvian towns ...

  • URGENT - Translation help (lots of languages - please!)
    Italian for you: Dopo il party di Natale, andare al pub é una camminata lunga e faticosa... serve una sosta! Tutti* sono invitati a riposare per un poco le gambe affaticate e placare l'implacabile sete al 2 di Cardellsgatan (tra l'hotel Sirius hotel e Lilla Torg), prima d'intraprendere il lungo ...

Natal Entradas en el blog

  • Puerto natales
    Hola I have been here in puerto natales for a couple of days now (I think!). First impressions - the town is small and built around tourism, and like most places I have been so far there is a pretty lake bordered by mountains. The main attraction here is the Torres del Payne national park, the Mecca ...
    Posted in The day of reckoning and other stresses by Sammylagringa

  • Feliz Natal!
    First of all, Merry Christmas and Feliz Natal to all of our friends and family wherever you are, we wish you the best for the season and hope everyone is happy and healthy. If you followed our blog and our adventures last year as we went around the world then you are probably pretty disappointed ...
    Posted in Endless Summer 2013 by colincampbell

  • Puerto Natales
    Hallo, hier sind wir nun seit gstern in Puerto Natales angekommen, einem Außenposten der Menschheit im "Outback". Es handelt sich um ein reines Touristen- und Backpackernest, das den zahlreichen Trekkingverrückten aus aller Welt als Ausgangspunkt für den Torresnationalpark dient. Es gibt zahlreiche Hostels ...
    Posted in Ein Traum von Torres... by Sarah_S

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Pousada Solar Ponta Negra

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Oasis Natal

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