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  • I dont know what to do . . .
    's pricey!!! What should i do? Go or wait until next year??? This year I've spent around 5400 euro ...

  • How do internet cafes work?
    I am hoping to go travelling in the next few months. I arent looking to plan much in advance and instead expect to just book hostels and flights/trains a few days in advance via internet cafes. I was just wondering how exactly internet cafes work as I have never used one before. Do you pay per minute ...

  • ahhh what would you do?
    Hey all, I'm sure there are heaps of these "what should I do" threads, and this is one of them. So I apologise in advance, no need to answer if you're sick of these... So I'm working in a job I ...

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Pousada Brasil Tropical

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