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Pondicherry Discusiones

  • Mumbai (Bombay)
    So Bombay seems to be on the "upper end" when it comes to prices for hotels and hostels. Nothing in comparison to the cheapness I've found in Chennai or even Pondicherry or Bangalore. Does anyone have any cheap but fairly nice accomadation suggestions for Bombay? I'm a single traveller, just to note, so ...

  • Recommendations for staying in Goa
    Hampi. You must go to Hampi. And you must stay by the river. Gokarna is also good in a 'going back to basics and being at one with yourself' way. Pondicherry is relatively near Chennai, I'd recommend there. And, um Fort Kochin (you must stay on the island though, it's tons better) and a trip along ...

  • India in 3 weeks - November 2007!!!
    Hi, I have booked a very last minute flight to Mumbai and will be staying in India for almost 3 weeks. The first 4-5 days I will spend in Mumbai with relatives but was thinking I would like to do some travelling thereafter. I would really like to go to Pondicherry as I have a friend there but other than ...

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