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Lamu Discusiones

  • Mombasa - Lamu by bus
    Hello! In june me and my better half will stay in Kenia ; now question: does anyone know if will be O.K. when we go by bus from Mombasa to Lamu (I know what writes in L.P.)? Did you have any expirience ? B.D.W- if you want to join us - we arriwing in Nairobi around 10 - than l.b. safari to Mombasa ...

  • Culture celebrations in Kenya
    Lamu Cultural Festival is an annual event held to celebrate the unique Swahili culture in Lamu.The three day festival is organized by the Lamu Cultural promotion group.Different traditional dances are showcased, different handicrafts are displayed and various competitions like donkey races, dhow races ...

  • Safari / Kenya Travel Costs
    Hi there, Could you tell me what you have paid before for Safari in Kenya? I wish to do a two or three day Safari, camping or staying in a lodge, visiting Masa mainly. Also, how much is the bus journey from Nairobi to Lamu? Thanks, Tony. ...

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PO Box 131, 80500 Lamu (Mapa) - Pensión
Lamu-Island Villa

Lamu-Island Villa

Fisheries plot 133 P.O.Box 233 (Mapa) - Pensión
Kilimanjaro House

Kilimanjaro House

327 Lamu (Mapa) - Pensión