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  • comunity or chat ?
    Hi, i'm a girl who is going to montpellier soon and i'm wondering if you know any french internet comunitys or chatboards so i can contact people befor i co there...and btw all franch people what paper schould you put an and in if you're looking fore a apartment in montpellier? //Hugs Yaël ...

  • Help!!
    I came to Montpellier, France from Colorado, USA to work as an au pair and it didn't work out. The family was horribly mean. Now I am sort of at a loss as to what to do. I don't want to give up yet ...

  • A Way of Life
    fastest train in the world ) broke down on our trip to Montpellier which made the trip very eventful ...

Montpellier Entradas en el blog

  • One day in Montpellier
    Montpellier, right drop on the coast of Southern France, is rumoured to have 360 days of sunshine a year. And in my experience so far...that just might be true. Pierre, Fanny, and I took a little day trip to the famous little city, and the sun was shining away it's pretty little face. We took ...
    Posted in Around the World in 80 Days by cbernardo

  • Our day in Montpellier
    Bonjour We decided to go to Montpellier for the day to have a look around and shop of course as there lots of shops there. J drove to a park and tram place with mr navigation and that was an experience. Driving to get any where seems to be an experience. It took us an hour by car then 16 mins on the tram. We ...
    Posted in Sabbitical to Europe by jyotiarul

  • Montpellier, Nimes, Nice & Monaco
    Finally after hours of driving through crazy weather conditions we reached Montpellier. It turned out to be one of those towns albeit pretty I wouldn’t really recommend staying longer than a day. We wondered the streets and did some shopping but that about covers it. Nimes on the other hand ...
    Posted in Jess and Kierans European Road Trip! by JessBeard

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