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  • Petra
    The ancient city of Petra is, in my opinion, overrated. It's cool for the amount of buildings carved into caves and the sheer size of some of the buildings, but there is a lot of walking and if not for the historical aspect (which I don't know, but I hear there is one), it probably wouldn't be worth the admission ...
    Posted in Overland for 8 Months by chrisvasil

  • Jordan day 2
    About to embark on the day I was most looking forward to for this trip. Seeing Petra. Lonely ...
    Posted in Israel, Egypt, Jordan? by NYCgirl

  • Indiana Jones and the Lazy Horse
    Petra is an amazing place, a huge city of tombs, temples, a thearte, cave dwellings, sacred high places - all in a vast surreal landscape of sandstone outcrops and narrow siqs (gorges) and wadis (dry ...
    Posted in Adventure Points by rachndave

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