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  • Okay - I'm totally old
    Hey there. I got 42 years here. I am about to head out for two years of drifting. There are lots of older folks out there who go the backpack route and stay in hostels. In 2007 I met a 75 year old Brit who always wanted to sail through the Panama Canal. He was in Cartagena finding a sailboat ...

  • What is a NATIVE SPEAKER? would you teach while travelling?
    I HAVE taught while travelling, most recently in Cartagena Colombia....I have never witnessed someone being turned away because they were not fact, at my last school the only person who got fired while I was there was a hot blonde The native speaker question is so obvious that I would ...

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  • Cartagena
    Before Cartagena I’d barely seen another tourist in Colombia except for in the hostel in Cali. Maybe they were all in Cartagena.. Colombia's most expensive city and a top destination for Caribbean ...
    Posted in Sabbatical 2011 by Stevie_A

  • Cartagena
    25/12/09 - 30/12/09 Cartagena, Caribbean Coast, Colombia On Xmas day we travel to Cartagena. Cartagena is probably the most famous city in Colombia outside of Bogota. Founded in 1533, Cartegena ...
    Posted in Senor Usuf's Latin American Travels by Señor Usuf

  • Cartagena
    When we arrived in Cartagena, it was night time, but still incredibly hot. As we arrived so late we ordered the cheapest and nicest sounding Hostel we could find on Hostel booker. It was pricey ...
    Posted in South America by Lisaann

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Casa Perez Country Guest House

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