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  • research project
    . Then I tell them I grew up in Atlantic City, actually Ventnor - "yellow on the Monopoly board." Older folks get it - younger folks usually say "Monopoly is all the streets of London," a reference to the licensing and bastardizing of the Monopoly board to suit local tastes. (And they say Americans have poor ...

  • Phonecards to call home
    the national telco monopolies hands down for price. ...

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  • Sydney, Australia
    here is quite interesting. It looks like monopoly money. And the average person makes roughly 45 ...
    Posted in Traveling by Aresimas

  • It is raining. And it is cold.
    this weekend! Hopefully the weather sorts itself out, otherwise we will have to stay in and play Monopoly. That is not a joke. Odette has Monopoly cards that are really fun to play. We even have our own Monopoly chart ...
    Posted in China. by becca2409

  • 8th Day Here! (sorry 9 wasn't right)
    Hello all! May 10: Today I spent most of my day in search of a post office. Josh and I went all around the city trying to find one. On our way there I found a few things: The first was the intersection of Broadway and Park Place! For all of you Monopoly fans out was a big deal. Here ...
    Posted in 3 Months in New York by jesdaw

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B&B Soprattutto

B&B Soprattutto

Piazza Cirillo 12 Montalbano Jonico (Kaart) - Gasthuis


Via Giuseppe Ungaretti n. 1/F (Kaart) - Gasthuis
B&B Palazzo Antonelli

B&B Palazzo Antonelli

Via Garibaldi 54 (Kaart) - Gasthuis
B&B Casa Cimino

B&B Casa Cimino

Via Cimino n. 36, 70043 Monopoli /Bari (Kaart) - Gasthuis