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  • best plaace for holidays
    -tourism spots on the island. Big hotels, wild nightlife, video bars, great quantities of alkool, international ...

  • Help
    me and my mate are lookin to go travellin round spain for a while but then we want to stay in one place and try and get a job doing bar work or something like that, does anybody have any tips of where would be good for us to go? ...

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  • The Job Hunt Continues!
    , to console ourselves, we went to the bar with friends. Always a fun plan! It was Trivia Night, so ...
    Posted in Our Aussie Adventure by dogdudette

  • Acadia National Park
    We started off our trip in York, Maine, a tourist area along the coast not too far from the Massachusetts line. After dining on fried clams, we walked along the beach into town where we watched salt water taffy being made at Goldenrod's. Mary bought a load to bring home. Yesterday, we drove up here to Bar ...
    Posted in MaineLee Canada by jimhersh

  • Holland
    We are chilling out at the CC music bar in Amsterdam. It's a really chilled out vibe here. I realise that ever sinse we reached the Dam, I've been resorting to that phrase whenever something needs describing. But it's pretty accurate. It's just 'lush', Callum agrees. It's quite a small venue, quite ...
    Posted in The debut tour by Jarmitage

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