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New Orleans Conversações

  • Funny Signs
    In Ottawa.... "Don't even think of parking here" (exact wording) and there was a car parked under the sign. Just a funny grammar thing..."Eat the fruit's" on a street vender's carriage in Rome. And a pretty standrad New York street sign..."No standing anytime." (meaning cars can't stop or park there ...

    I booked with a few years ago when we went to New Orleans. Didn't have any problems at all (except the prices fluctuated a lot...). ...

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Preço Popularidade
Creole Inn
76 %

Creole Inn

2471 Dauphine Street (Mapa) - Residencial
St. Vincent's Guesthouse
69 %

St. Vincent's Guesthouse

1507 Magazine St (Mapa) - Residencial
Casa Vecchia

Casa Vecchia

3303 Louisiana Ave Parkway (Mapa) - Residencial