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Hiroshima Onomichi Blog Entries

  • Hiroshima to Tokushima
    to Hiroshima. For the first leg we had managed to reserve seats, but as it's the week of vacation for Japan ...
    Posted in Doko-doko-bot by dokobot

  • Shimanami Kaido
    bridges. I'm so glad that I did. So, we left Okayama on Saturday October 24 and made it to Onomichi, Hiroshima, at 11:30. We rented our bikes and were off. We took a ferry to the first island and basically ...
    Posted in Japan Happy Fun Time by rmbarnes1

  • Jumping in with a splash
    to Hiroshima with the Shinkansen where the 5 of us [ETH students] will be joined by Pat, and after spending a day there, we will move to nearby Onomichi. There is a well-known temple-walk around Onomichi ...
    Posted in Doko-doko-bot by dokobot

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