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San Pellegrino Terme Discussions

  • Intrested in Travel/Emigrating but where?
    I can use that two year window to show potential employers that I am genuinely interested in long-term ...

  • Where Should I Go?
    I'm sorely disappointed with QANTAS on this one - they didn't include Chicago or Milwaukee in that list. Since the closest I've been to any of them are Panama City and San Diego, I'm just going to go off in some corner and pout. I pity you and Mrs. Anthony having to make this difficult decision ...

San Pellegrino Terme Blog Entries

  • Preparation for Departure
    life in San Diego. We have sold our house, we are placing all of our belongings we can't carry into storage and bought a motor home. Our plan (and I use that term loosely) is to travel around the USA ...
    Posted in Discovering America by Trainwater

  • Hola
    the free parking and free wifi were difficult to come by in San Juan. The door was very flimsy, provided ...
    Posted in RTW by paceway

  • Part of the Programme?
    After leaving Tirimbina it felt a little like we´d been deposited into a parallel universe. Not just because San Jose is a fairly uninspiring place, especially for a capital city, but mainly because ...
    Posted in Burritos y Mojitos by MattAnneka

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