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Lanzarote diskussioner

  • independent short break with 2yr old
    your pinkie when holding a glass of something alcoholic. La Palma, Lanzarote and La Gomera ...

  • What's the most amazing place you've been to ?
    I can't really say the most amazing place because there are loads. But my most amazing holiday I had was with my mum in Lanzarote. I was supposed to be going with a mate and really, really needed the holiday then she let me down at the last minute when I'd booked and paid for it My mum ...

Lanzarote blog inlägg

  • Los Lobos
    Los Lobos… Dinsdag, op m’n vrije dag, het eilandje Los Lobos ontdekt. Los Lobos map Gelegen tussen Fuerteventura en Lanzarote, een natuurreservaat van enkel vierkante kilometers maar met een ...
    Posted in Host by pietervhb

  • Town 1770 - Fun on the sea....
    qualifications out in Lanzarote back at Christmas 2007 so a bit rusty!!!!! But they assure us everything ...
    Posted in Ludds Adventures by ludds

  • Sacre nomme de plume!!
    Just a quick posting to vent: we have just suffered the misery that is Charles De Gaulle Airport. I have been through some dodgy airports (the one in Lanzarote springs to mind) but seriously this CDG is the worst by miles, or more accurately lightyears. On arrival at the airport station, you ...
    Posted in James & Heather Travelogues by jefranklin

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Casitas Tabayesco
92 %

Casitas Tabayesco

Calle Chafariz 22, Tabayesco.Haria. Lanzarote. (Karta) - Gästhus
La Casa Blanca

La Casa Blanca

C/ Los Parranderos 3 Soo (Karta) - Gästhus
El Mar y Tu

El Mar y Tu

Calle La Garita 54 Arrieta (Karta) - Gästhus
Casa Para Ti

Casa Para Ti

Camino del Callao III, 16 La Asomada (Karta) - Gästhus
Eco Lodge Famara

Eco Lodge Famara

Camino Las Laderas 22 Famara (Karta) - Gästhus