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Vancouver Island diskussioner

  • 10 Best Beaches in the World!
    on the north shore do - No name beach (Honiara Solomon Islands), no idea what this place was called ...

  • most beautiful beaches
    My favourite ones so far are: Long Beach at the West Coast of Vancouver Island . Apparently it´s much more crowded now, but I spent endless hours walking along the deserted beach, thinking about my life in general and collecting seashells to help my friend who makes jewellery with it. Piha Beach ...

  • where to go in July/ August for 3 weeks
    Actually Thailand has several monsoon seasons and when it's bad in one part of the country it's often just fine in other parts. August is a very rainy time at the very eastern edge and in the north of the country, but it's usually lovely in the eastern islands and the central region. So if you want to bop ...

Vancouver Island blog inlägg

  • Vancouver Island
    We'll start with what came before Vancouver Island, the journey there. Both tired, we wandered in a slightly dazed fashion onto our Air Canada flight from London to Vancouver. Almost before we knew it ...
    Posted in Deb and Matt's awesome adventures by DebandMatt

  • Vancouver Island
    Ride from Vancouver was longer than expected, 61 km on the first day - the boys won't let us forget this miscalculation as over last 3 days its been longer in km than we estimated each day! Weather has been hot and sunny, 25 - 28 degrees most days - best weather the island has had all year. Rode up ...
    Posted in Kiwis in Canada by smpm

  • Quer über die Insel
    Bei der Überlandfahrt quer über Vancouver Island machen wir kurz Rast im Naturpark Cathedral Grove ... ... der bekannt für seine Baumriesen ist, unter denen man auf bequemen Wanderloops hindurchspazieren kann ...
    Posted in Kanada 2012 by BiRa

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