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  • connection flight
    Is it possible to postpone the connection flights? In my ticket I will have 1.5 hour lay over in Incheon airport (Korea), but I want to stay there for like a day more. Is it possible? How about my luggage, is it sent to final destination or with this long lay over I'd have to recheck it? Thank you~ ...

  • San Fracisco to Vietnam without flying
    CA Long Beach makes more sense) to somewhere like Incheon or Pusan in Sth Korea. From there ferry ...

  • Heathrow, Gatwick etc.... How was it for you?
    a beer in before my flight. HK airport is best I have ever been to. Worst ever? Incheon airport ...

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Incheon Airport Guest House

Incheon Airport Guest House

2799-2 Unseo-Dong Joon-Gu (Karta) - Gästhus
Nube Guesthouse

Nube Guesthouse

2890-11, Unseo-dong, Jung-gu (Karta) - Gästhus