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  • Where in the world should i go for 2 weeks this summer?!
    Rio de janeiro, beaches, nightlife, women, food, and sunshine. great for two weeks. ...

  • Any cruise enthusiasts here?
    I went on the Independence of the Seas and did the Mediterranean Treasures itinerary so I cruised from Southampton, and visited Gilbraltar/Cannes/Barcelona/Palma de Mallorca/Alicante/Malaga/Lisbon/Vigo and back to Southampton. It was my first cruise experience, so I was overwhelmed by how big the ship was ...

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Frenchman's District Main Road (Karta) - Gästhus
Banana Cottage

Banana Cottage

Ocean view hill drive Treasure beach Calabash bay PA (Karta) - Gästhus
Seaview Villa Resort

Seaview Villa Resort

Seaview district Southfield P.O. St.Elizabeth (Karta) - Gästhus