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  • Destinations In Five Words
    If you had to describe a travel destination in five words or phrases, what would they be? I'll start with Banos, Ecuador: Volcano Tours - Dancing - Hotspring Pools - Inexpensive - Friendly People Silverton, Colorado: Snowy Mountains - Train Ride - River - Scenery - Small Town Charm Any others? I ...

  • Cheapest Countries To Travel In
    What are the cheapest coutries to travel in? The last time me and my wife were in Ecuador, you could still get a meal in a clean restaurant for $2, and we stayed in the resort town of Banos for a week at $6 per night (negotiated down from $12) for the room (Clean, cable TV). Bus travel is still ...

  • List towns/cities you have visited (so Country-Town/City
    , Lanzarote, 2 Balarics - Ibiza, Majorca, Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Andulucia (Marbella, Puerto Banos, Ronda ...


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定價 受歡迎程度
La Casa Verde - Eco hostel
90 %

La Casa Verde - Eco hostel

El Camino Real Santa Ana (地圖) - 招待所
Hostal Chimenea
89 %

Hostal Chimenea

Luis A. Martinez y Rafael Vieira (地圖) - 招待所
Hostal Restaurant  Erupcion
85 %

Hostal Restaurant Erupcion

Central Park Crnr (地圖) - 招待所
Posada del Abuelo

Posada del Abuelo

Calle Juan Montalvo y Vieira Tungurahua (地圖) - 招待所
Hostal Canela  y Miel

Hostal Canela y Miel

16 de Diciembre entre Ambato y Oriente Sector la Basílica (地圖) - 招待所
Hostal Cañalimeña

Hostal Cañalimeña

Eugenio Espejo y 16 de diciembre Eugenio Espejo y 16 de diciembre -baños de agua s (地圖) - 招待所
Hostal D' Mathias

Hostal D' Mathias

Between Espejo and Maldonado Streets (地圖) - 招待所
La Casa del Molino Blanco

La Casa del Molino Blanco

Misioneros Dominicanos y Juan León Mera BARRIO SAN JOSE /subida a la Virgen (地圖) - 招待所