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  • Shortest flight from Canada to Europe?
    From Canada to Ierland. Or take real short flights through Icleland, Gramby... or maybe take the great circle flight from Calgary Alberta or Quebec, then fly to Russia, from Russia drive to Europe, its a long trip, but less flights!! ...

  • Travel Insurance/Trip Cancellation
    , for a pretty measley fee if you get a good plan from a good company. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where ...


  • Calgary
    Calgary airport opgewacht door mensen in uniform en met cowboyhoed en met een heerlijke 25 graden en zon ...
    Posted in Canada 2012 by oudshaa

  • Calgary
    After a great nights sleep we were up and on the go by 9am. There seems to be loads of homeless people here or people living in the YMCA so lots of begging going on. We went up Calgary Tower and Iain stood on the glass floored panel all 525 feet in the air! We had a great steak supper downtown ...
    Posted in Canadian Adventure by Lawrance

  • Calgary
    really wanted to see the Badlands which is why I did it. First stop was the Hostel in Calgary to check in and pick up some people for the trip. A brief look at Calgary reveled that it is in fact a bit of a dive ...
    Posted in Timmy Travels by ride165

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