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About:Photo Competitions/Best of 2010

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The Theme: Best of 2010

Summer field in Spain

Summer field in Spain

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With the end of 2010 approaching, we're throwing a photo competition to decide on the best travel photo from our 2010 photo competitions. There's no nomination process for this competition -- nominees have been automatically picked from the results of the regular competitions this year. The top 10 from each competition have been entered into the pool of contestants.

The winner will receive a $250 voucher for Travellerspoint's cheap accommodation area and a $50 Amazon voucher. The runner-up and 3rd place will get $100 and $50 accommodation vouchers respectively. All of the top three contestants will also all receive a $50 Kiva voucher, which they will be able to use to lend to entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Voting takes place between December 6 and January 3.




As noted, there is no nomination process for this competition. If one or more of your photos made it into the top 10 of previous competitions, they will be automatically entered.

For every photo, you must:

  • have a high resolution version (4megapixels or higher)
  • own the copyright

Please note that photos do not have to have been taken in 2010 -- this is a photo competition to find the best photo submitted to photo competitions in 2010.




The winner will be decided by a popular vote.

Voting opens on December 6 and closes on January 3.

The winner will be announced in the January newsletter, as well as on the Travellerspoint blog.


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