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Addis Abeba

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Ethiopia, One of the oldest country in the world and the place for the cradle of mankind, is currently characterized by war and drought. However this is not the reality as may says. it is true that there was a war in Ethiopia, it is true there was a drought in Ethiopia, but it is only some norhtern part of the county; the rest was in peace without drought and civilization.
This year Ethiopia celebrate the millennium, with a big fest hoping the years to come will be for growth and prosperity. .
As a traveler, Ethiopia is a place all are in plenty, either the Five star star-wood collection Hotel Sheraton or a budget guest house like 'betachin'. If travelers are interested to take pictures, then Ethiopia is also a Paradise for photography as may says. If interested for hiking or mountaineering of high above 13000 feet to the Africa's 4th largest mountain of Ra's Dashen or go down below sea level 400 feet to the active boiling volcano of Denakel depression then it is also available. what else, for nature lovers it is a county with 86 ethnic groups and endowed with the "big5 game" animals, with 26 birds species, 6 mammals endemic animals.
Ethiopia and Morocco are the only African counties with 8 UNESCO registered heritage sites.
Addis Ababa, the capital city for Ethiopia is also a capital for United Africa or African union.
the Continental head quarter of United Nation, the United Nation economic commission for Africa, and the African union have their main office in Ethiopia.
Addis is located on average 7800 feet above sea level, with a population estimated 3.2mill . The city is friendly to cater all kinds of interest. Museums, Libraries, Churches, Mosques, Galleries, theater halls, Cinemas, international organizations, All range accommodation facilities, constitute major parts of the city. Addis Ababa in Amharic the national language of Ethiopia mean new flower; as the city is really a new flower for the Continent.

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