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Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

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The Roman Empire founded "Barcino" in the 1st century BC and the city has been a meeting point for different cultures ever since. Barcelona saw the rise and fall of the Visigoths, Moors and Franks, eventually becoming a part of Castile in 1714. Franco's authoritarian dictatorship in the 20th century restrained Barcelona's potential, but the last few decades have witnessed the evolution of Barcelona into a vibrant and modern city. Barcelona is a major centre of business, design and fashion, and its rich history has gifted it with countless pieces of the finest architecture, some of which are now included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.




Barcelona is divided into 10 districts, each consisting of a few neighbourhoods.

Ciutat Vella (Old Town)

Ciutat Vella (or Old Town) is where you'll find the oldest buildings and constructions of the city, such as the Town Hall, St. James Square, the Cathedral, Palace of the Generalitat, Palace of the Catalan Music and las Ramblas, with Liceu Theatre and Boqueria Market.

L'Eixample (New town)

Designed in 1860 by Ildefons Cerdà, L'Eixample (New Town) is where countless modernist buildings can be found, the most important of which is Sagrada Família, the biggest project from Antoni Gaudí. Passeig de Gràcia is a very long street in which other important modernist buildings can be found, such as Casa Milà (La Pedrera) and Casa Batlló, both works of Antoni Gaudí.

Other Districts

Montjuic fountains, Barcelona

Montjuic fountains, Barcelona

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  • Raval (Old Chinatown, now a perfect match between old city and fashion places) - This area is quite grungy and can be seen as dangerous due to a lot of petty crime and prostitutes and drug dealers hanging out in the area. Don't avoid the area but keep your wits about you. There is some great bars and restaurants to visit in this area.
  • Sants-Montjüic
  • Les Corts
  • Sarrià-St. Gervasi
  • Gràcia - Gràcia was a separate village outside of the main city centre of Barcelona but as the city expanded Gràcia was engulfed into the city limits. Expect small cobblestoned streets. Gràcia is considered to be more of the arty and alternative section of Barcelona. It has a very laid back vibe, with enchanting small streets, great bars and cafes. It is a great place to visit on a day when you take in Park Guell or the Gràcia Festival.
  • Horta-Guinardó
  • Nou Barris
  • St. Andreu
  • St. Martí



Sights and Activities

Barcelona is a vibrant city with a never ending list of things to do; from nightclubs to tours of the Old Town and its pubs, to family-orientated fun-parks, museums, windsurf lessons and more. Art and architecture are a major draw card for the city, in particular the stunning works of Barcelona's most famous architectural son - Antoni Gaudi.

Barcelona Beaches

Barceloneta beach

Barceloneta beach

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Barcelona is listed number one in the top 10 list of beach cities, according to National Geographic. Barcelona has no less than seven beaches, totalling 4.5 kilometres. Sant Sebastià and Barceloneta beaches are the most popular ones and also the biggest at around 1,100 metres in length. These two beaches are separated by The Olympic Port from the five other city beaches: Nova Icària, Bogatell, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella and Llevant. These beaches average around 500 metres and were opened as a result of the city restructuring to host the 1992 Summer Olympics. Barceloneta Beach was voted in 2005 as the best urban beach in the world and the third best beach overall, according to the docu-film "Worlds Best Beaches" by Discovery Channel. It's located in the Barceloneta neighbourhood, also famous for its many restaurants and nightclubs along the boardwalk. But these beaches are overcrowded. If what you want is sunbathe, take a bath and enjoy your holidays more quietly, you have to go to the beaches placed on the outskirts of Barcelona. These beaches are Sitges, Vilanova and Calafell in the southern part of Barcelona, and Blanes to the north. It doesn't take too much time to get there, and you can go by train or by car (if you don't have one, you can rent it). Avoid the busier months of July and August if you can though, also here.


  • Joan Miró Museum - Joan Miró Museum (Fundacio Joan Miró): Joan Miró was a Catalan artist from the early 20th century. Paintings by the artist are displayed, as well as other art collections from all over the world. Located on Montjuic.
  • Antoni Tàpies Museum - Antoni Tàpies Museum is a museum dedicated to the life and work of Antoni Tàpies, a Catalan abstract expressionist artist.
  • Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art - Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) mainly has 20th century, predominantly from Catalan, pieces of art on display in this museum.
  • National Museum of Art of Catalonia - National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC) features one of the biggest collections of Romanesque art in the world.
  • Picasso Museum - Picasso Museum features a significant collection of paintings from Picasso's youth. Located in Old Town and has free entry on the first Sunday of the month and on Sundays after 3:00pm.
  • CosmoCaixa - CosmoCaixa is the city's Science Museum and one of Europe's best. Address: Isaac Newton 26 near Avinguda del Tibidabo., Phone: 932 126 050.
  • Alicia - There is a new left-luggage locker in the centre of Barcelona called City Lockers, located between Las Ramblas and Portal del Angel street. There are 2 types of lockers: XL (€6.50 per day) and M (€3.50 per day). Each locker has its own access code, personalised for and by each customer. Open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00am to 9:00pm. Address: Francesc Pujols, 7, Phone: 933040095
  • Free city tours - There are a number of free daily walking tours over the city run by different operators. Most of these expect a tip at the end of the tour.

Park Güell

Parc Güell or Park Güell (Güell Park): The Count of Güell ordered Antoni Gaudí to construct a zone where the high class families of Barcelona would live. Gaudi's stunning work in this park was considered worthy of inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1984. It has now become the city's most visited tourist attraction. Situated in the park is the Casa Museu Gaudí, a small Gaudi Museum.


  • Parc de la Ciutadella - Parc de la Ciutadella (Ciutadella Park) is where the 1888 universal exposition was held. It currently is a place where locals, as well as tourists, go when they want to get away from the busy city life.
    In addition, if you like animals, you cannot miss the zoo of Barcelona located within this park. It's a perfect plan if you travell with children, because the prices are not too much expensive and everybody can enjoy it!

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

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It might be strange that a not even finished building is among the most famous buildings in the world, but the Sagrada Familia belongs in the list for a couple of good reasons. It is a masterpiece in progress, and one of Spains most visited tourist sites. It's a design by Antoni Gaudi, who worked on this project for almost 40 years, until his death in 1926. Construction on the cathedral began in 1882 and still has not finished yet. It will have 18 towers, of which the central tower of Jesus wil be the tallest of them all with 170 metres. When finished this will be the pièce the résistance of an artist who already left a huge artistic footprint in Barcelona. Queues to buy tickets are long, and you may still have to buy tickets for a specific time, so plan your visit and buy your tickets online in advance.

Other Sights and Activities

  • Casa Mila - Casa Mila (La Pedrera) - Casa Mila's undulating roof line is one of Barcelona's most iconic images. A visit to this Art Nouveau Gaudi masterpiece is essential for any visitor to Barcelona.
  • Montjüic - Montjüic is where the Montjüic Castle is located on top, as well as the Olympic Stadium and other Olympic games buildings and Palau St. Jordi, a concert/sports hall designed by the prestigious architect Arata Izosaki for the Olympic Games. There is an annual festival called Montjuic de nit where entry to the museums is free all day and music and entertainment are free of charge all night.
  • Port Olímpic - Port Olímpic (The Olympic Port) was built for 1992 Olympic Games, and has now become a place with many of the finest restaurants in the city, fashionable bars and plenty of discos. This area is full of tourists and expect to pay expensive prices if eating and drinking in this area.
  • Catedral de Santa María del Mar=sight - This gothic cathedral is the second one in Barcelona. It is located in the Gothic Quarter, just few streets near via Laietana. Not many people know it because is not easy to found. The cathedral was built up between 1329 and 1383, and it is conserved very well. Furtheremore, some authors have used this temple as stage to write their books. An example is Ildefonso Falcones, with his work ''La Catedral del Mar''.

UNESCO World Heritage List

The following are all on the UNESCO World Heritage List:

  • Casa Milà, or La Pedrera;
  • Hospital de Sant Pau ( St. Paul's Hospital);
  • Palau Güell (Güell Palace);
  • Parc Güell (Park Güell);
  • Casa Vicens;
  • Casa Batlló;
  • Sagrada Família;
  • Palau de la Música Catalana (Palace of the Catalan Music).



Events and Festivals

Cultural and Religious

  • [listing name=Dia de Sant Jordi type=event]Known as "the day of lovers", Dia de Sant Jordi is Latin America's unique twist on Valentine's Day. To celebrate, sweethearts exchange gifts - men give women roses, and women give men a book. Roses have been associated with this day since medieval times, but the addition of the book is somewhat new. A savvy bookseller in 1923 began promoting his books on this holiday to commemorate the life and works of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. Overtime, this tradition took hold, and is celebrated this way today.
  • Las Fallas - A celebration to mark the transition of winter into spring, Las Fallas, or "Sant Joseph's Day", is marked by bonfire festivities. In years past, this festival was primarily celebrated by carpenters, who were no longer in need of their winter firewood. To commemorate the patron saint of carpenters, Saint Joseph, they would light bonfires in his memory. Over the years, this festival has evolved into a spectacle of art and lights. Dramatic figures are constructed throughout the year, made of wood and paper mache, some costing as much as $350,000 and towering as high as 70 feet. During this 4-day festival, they are paraded around town and then ceremonially burned. Once of the largest festivals held in Spain, this event takes place about a half-hour north of Barcelona in Valencia. This event is held annually in March.
  • La Mercè - A largely celebrated annual festival commemorating Barcelona's patron saint, Our Lady of Mercy (La Mare de Déu de la Mercè). This grand event includes carnival rides, magic shows, grand parades, live music, feasting, dancing, and much, much more! This event is held every September.
  • La Castanyada - When the weather turns cooler in Barcelona, La Castanyada begins, or "Chestnut time". Locals have a tradition of eating "castanyes" (roasted chestnuts), "moniatos" (sweet potatoes), "panellets" (cakes), and drinking muscatel sweet wine to warm up during the winter months. “Castanyers i castanyeres" roast these foods on charcoal grills and sell them from street corner stalls from October through February.
  • All Saints Day (01 Nov 2013) - The day after Halloween is All Saints Day, where the souls of departed family and friends are celebrated throughout the city. This festival also celebrates the saints who may have been forgotten or never even honored. There are shrines set up around town and in cemeteries on this day, often covered in wreathes and colorful flowers.
  • Nit de Sant Joan (23 Jun 2013) - Also called "La revetlla de Sant Joan", this lively solstice festival celebrates Saint John and takes place on the beautiful beaches of Barcelona. On this day, parties can be found in Barcelona night clubs and restaurants; there are also multiple firework displays and bonfires held around town. Note: The event's website is helpful when info is available, but it's only active and updated a few weeks prior to the event.
  • Other Events and Festivals

    • Primavera Sound - A huge concert featuring big-name music artists to the city for a week of incredible music and fun. In 2012, bands like Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab for Cutie are headlining. This event is also a great place for up-and-coming bands to get a share of the spotlight.
    • Festival de Sonar - An advanced music and multimedia art festival in June, featuring some of the world's top DJs and recording artists. Thousands attend this party event each year, so be sure to book your reservations early.
    • Grec Art Festival - An international festival featuring dance, theater, music, and circus acts. This is a major summer attraction in Barcelona, attracting thousands each year. The festival received its name from the name of its venue, The Theatre Grec. The events missions are to showcase local work and bring international influences to the Barcelona audience. The event has been held every June-July for almost 40 years.
    • Festa Major de Gracia - The Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona is typically a quiet, peaceful neighborhood, but for one week in August, everything changes. Residents of the town throw an extravagant party and they have elaborate house decorating contests. The streets are lined with decorations, and music plays long into the night. The event features stunning parades and culminates with a beautiful fireworks display. Millions flock to this event, making it one of Barcelona's most popular events all year.
    • Restaurant Week - Over 100 of the top restaurants in Barcelona participate in this fun food event. Restaurants offer a discounted, fixed menu price for samplings of their finest offerings. This offers a great opportunity for locals and tourists a like to try out some of Barcelona's finest restaurants in town.
    • Dia de la Terra (Earth Day Fair) - This two day fair held around Spain's Earth Day, focuses on the fight against climate change and features a wide range of environmentally friendly products for consumers to purchase.There are many stalls, products and fun activities for families and children.
    • Barcelona Museum Night - Visitors can choose from over 60 activities at 50 museums in Barcelona during this popular festival, which attracts over 100,000 visitors annually. During this free event, the city hosts a program full of performing/visual arts-related events that are intended to bring new audiences to the city's museums.
    • Concurs Internacional de Roses Noves - This annual rose competition brings beautiful colors and floral fragrances to Cervantes park in Barcelona. Flower produces from all over the region come to compete for the prize winning rose. Spectators can expect to see beautiful floral displays all around the park.




    Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate, with very dry, sunny and warm summers from June to September. Rainfall is predominantly during the wintermonths of November to March, though showers are possible yearround. July and August are the hottest months of the year, but due to the influence of the Mediterranean sea it doesn't get as hot as in the inner regions of the country where there is no sea-breeze. Still, humidity is a little higher here, so daytime temperatures of around 30 °C feel pretty oppressive as well. Winters are mild, also due to the moderating influence of the Mediterranean sea. The coldest months of the year are December and January, but temperatures are still well above zero at night, with 12-14 °C during the day. Due to most houses being built for the heat of summer, winter can feel unbearably cold in typical Spanish apartments as there is no central heating and floors with no carpets.



    Getting there

    By Plane

    1. Barcelona Airport (BCN) is the second biggest airport in Spain and the 9th biggest airport in Europe. It handles over 30 million of passengers every year and it is perfectly connected to the other main European airports by direct flights operated by either low cost airlines or regular ones.

    To/from the airport

    • Rail: It is located a few kilometres away from the city, but it is easy to reach by train with RENFE. The trip lasts 30 minutes and it costs around €2 unless you buy a T-10 ticket for around 9 euros. Trains leave from Terminal 2 and run from the Maçanet-Massanes station, with major stops at Barcelona Sants railway station and the fairly central Passeig de Gràcia railway station to provide transfer to the Barcelona Metro system. Passengers for Terminal 1 must take a connecting bus from the train station to T1. As part of the major expansion above, a new railway station will be built nearby, connecting the airport to the Spanish AVE network, and Line 9 of the Barcelona Metro.
    • Bus: The Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) public bus on line 46 runs every 16 minutes from Plaça Espanya. A scheduled private bus line (Aerobús) from Plaça Catalunya, stops at Urgell and Plaça d'Espanya. The Aerobús costs €5.65 for a single ticket or €9.75 for a return. The service runs 365 days of the year and services are at least every 10 minutes to Terminal 1 and 20 minutes to Terminal 2.
    • Car/Taxi: Another alternative are taxis, which tend to be more expensive. If you leave from Sants Station the trip will last 20 minutes and cost around €22. Taxi stops are available at each terminal. The C-32B highway connects the airport to a main traffic interchange between Barcelona's Ronda de Dalt beltway and major motorways. There are around 25,000 parking spaces available, equally divided among both terminals.

    2. Reus International Airport (REU) is a good alternative and is located near Reus and Tarragona. It's particularly good when you want to travel with low-cost airlines.
    3. The Girona-Costa Brava Airport (international code: GRO) near Girona is another favorite and is getting more and more popular as a start of a trip in the region as there are quite a few lowcostairlines serving the airport. Ryanair serves dozens of cities in Europe, including London (Stansted), Brussels (Charleroi) and Rome. A few others include Jetairfly, Transavia and Star1, Thomson Airlines and Thomascook, which serve both or one of the airports at least.

    By Car

    Spain has a dense road system. Getting to Barcelona by car shouldn't be regarded as a problem. If you come from Europe, the AP-7 runs from Lyon and all the way down to Barcelona, passing near Perpignan (the largest French city before the Spanish border). In France it is known as A-7 between Lyon and Orange, and A-9 between Orange and the spanish border. From inside Spain the A-7 runs from the most southern tip of Spain all along the coast to Barcelona, connecting cities like Málaga, Almeria, Murcia, Alicante and Valencia with Barcelona. From Madrid and Zaragoza you can reach Barcelona if you follow the A-2.

    By Train

    Spain may not have the best trains in the continent, however it's not a problem to get to Barcelona by train. The main station of the city is Sants Station and it is perfectly connected to the city centre by either underground or bus.

    If you come from Europe you will probably need to change trains in Portbou (the first Spanish town after the border) from where a direct trains runs to Barcelona. The estimated trip time is 3 hours. You can also travel from Paris on the overnight Hoteltrain without having to change trains. It takes about 11 hours.

    Getting there from other parts of Spain is quite easy: there are several trains every day between Barcelona and main Spanish cities such as Valencia, Madrid or Bilbao. Between Madrid and Barcelona you can take the AVE, which can take you between the two cities within 3 hours. Check the RENFE website, Spain's national railway company for timetables and reservations. Reservations for the AVE are in general much cheaper than buying them at the station.

    By Bus

    Buses to and from Barcelona are mainly used to smaller places within the region. A number of bus companies have services from Estacia del Nord (northern bus station). Destinations include Girona (including the airport), Figueres and many smaller towns both inland and along the Costa Brava.
    Long-distance buses go to Madrid, Valencia and Zaragoza, Burgos, Santiago de Compostela and Seville, but in many occasions taking the train or plane is a better idea.
    Eurolines has many buses both to the northern parts of Europe as well as Morocco.

    By Boat




    Balearic Islands
    Acciona Trasmediterránea is the main ferry operator with boats from Barcelona to the Balearic Islands. Other ferry operators include Balearia between Barcelona and the Balearic islands of Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza. Iscomar offers roughly the same connections as well.



    Getting around

    By Public Transport

    Barcelona area is divided in 6 fare zones. Zone 1 include all Barcelona city and some of the suburbs (from Castelldefels to Montgat, and from the sea to Tibidabo). You only need to buy multizone tickets if you want to go to places as Sitges, Calella or Montserrat Abbey.

    The Underground and the buses have several kinds of passes. One single journey ticket doesn't allow to make any change. But a 10-journey card ('T-10') and all other passes allow free change of mean of transportation (from metro to bus, bus to metro, bus to bus - but different bus line) during 75 minutes after the first validation. There are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 30-day travelcards, valid for unlimited number of journeys in N consecutive days. T-10 allows 10 combined journeys in any means of transport. T 50-30 allows 50 combined journeys in 30 consecutive days.

    The easiest way to get around the city is either the underground (consisting of 8 lines, 5 from TMB -Transports Municipals de Barcelona- and 3 from FGC -Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya-) or buses. The underground has different schedules for different days of the week: from Monday to Thursday they run every 2-10 minutes between 5:00am and midnight. On Friday, Sunday and bank holidays they run every 2-10 minutes between 5:00am and 2:00am, while on Saturday besides running during daytime they also do for the whole night.

    Buses are also quite reliable but however slower than the underground. There are a few lines of night buses starting at different parts of the city and covering diverse districts.

    From 2004, the city has two branches of tramway, Trambaix (connecting Barcelona-Plaça de Francesc Macià and Baix Llobregat area) and Trambesòs (connecting Barcelona Zoo, in Vila Olímpica neigbourhood, Glòries and Fòrum area).

    The more touristy Tranvia Blau is an old-style tramway. It's a short ride, about 10 minutes, connecting Av. Tibidabo underground station and Tibidabo funicular. Tranvia Blau uses an special ticket, bought on board.

    There are also two companies running tourist buses: TMB's 'Bus Turístic' (the 'official', managed by the public company that runs city buses and metro), and Barcelona Tours (the 'unofficial', managed by two coach companies). Both buses go to the same sights, and you can go in and go out as often as you want during the validity of the ticket. Currently, Bus Turístic has three lines and Barcelona Tours just one. Bus Turistic routes only go in one direction, and the duration of each route is about an hour, make sure you plan your visit according to the order of stops on the routes. Many attractions have long queues to buy tickets, and although you may get a discount from the tour bus, you may consider prepurchasing tickets online, to save time.

    By Foot

    Many parts of Barcelona can easily be explored on foot. Wandering down Las Ramblas is one of the main attractions of a trip to Barcelona. And visiting the narrow streets Old Town is certainly much easier done on foot than by other means.

    By Bike

    Barcelona is a relatively bike friendly city with quite a few dedicated lanes and some nice routes along the beach and around the harbour.

    There are several rental companies that will hire you a bike by the hour, day or week.

    • Barceloneta Bikes is one of the city's most affordable options and is located right near the harbor and beaches.
    • Biking in Barcelona is a co-operative promoting cycling in Barcelona. They offer tours as well as rentals.
    • Budget Bikes provides good quality bikes and offers good reductions when you hire as a group.
    • Fat Tire Bike Tours offers tours as well as bike hire.
    • Bicing (Website in Spanish only) is a large bike hire scheme, but unfortunately it is only really targetted at residents. If you are going to be in Barcelona for a while, it might be a good option.
    • Bornbike rental & tours offers bike rental from only €6 and several guided tours through Barcelona.




    In the first place, and despite popular belief, you should take into consideration that paella is not originally from Barcelona, but rather from the Valencia region.

    Barcelona has a wide range of choices: from the finest and most expensive restaurants, passing through a middle point, to the cheapest ones. Eating out could be quite expensive in the city centre, but if you have the time to wander around you can find very decent places for a very decent price, either in the city centre or in the outskirts.

    The main dish from this part of Spain (Catalonia) consists of bread with tomato rubbed on it, with olive oil and salt. This is usually accompanied with different types of sausage (made of pork) such as fuet or llonganissa or Spanish ham.

    While some restaurants consider it a main dish, others might just bring it to you as an accompaniment.

    Try calcots which are a long onion dish that is barbecued and served with romesco sauce. It is in season in March and April. Visit one of the neighbouring villages for a calcotada where you have unlimited calcots, meats and wines.

    The bomba was invented in Barcelona. It is a deep fried ball of mashed potato with a meat filling. It should be served hot with aioli and bravas sauce.




    Barcelona is well-known by foreigners when it comes to drink. The main purpose of some people who go there is to get drunk. The reality is that it's not as cheap as it used to be, so unless you have some money in your pocket, getting drunk in Barcelona could be quite expensive.
    Many pubs are located in the Old Town but some of them have abusive prices, so it would be a good idea to get away from the city centre.

    • McCarthys Irish Bar Barcelona - This is a genuine Irish owned pub with a great atmosphere and good prices. Located on a very busy and safe street in the centre of the Ciutat Vella. Address: Via Laietana, 44
    • Tarantos - Tarantos is a good place to experience flamenco shows at a very low price. Even though the place is rather small it allows you to be closer to the artists. Address: Plaça Reial 17 near the very busy "Las Ramblas" street., Hours: Only open during the evening.
    • Champaneria - Cheap cava bar serving up €1 glasses of cava, you need to order food here to be able to get a drink. This bar is a lot of fun! It gets packed and drinks will be spilt so don't wear white. It's closed on Sundays and for most of August. Address: Carrer Reina Cristina 7, Barceloneta, Price: €1




    There are some great hotels, hostels and homestays in which to stay in Barcelona but for a bit of independence and some good locations, renting an apartment is a great option. Depending on the size and location it can be an quite cheap, particularly if you are staying for more than a few days. Supermarkets are pretty good value and you can pick up fresh produce in the famous Boqueria market and cook up some Spanish inspired treats. Apartments also mean that you get more of a feel for the city as you will probably be living side by side with the locals!

    There are some great apartments in the older areas, like El Borne although if they are in old buildings they can be quite small and don't always have a lift. First impressions can be misleading too, especially in the traditional buildings whose entrance ways may not have seen a lick of paint in decades and which often have narrow and dark stone stairways. Look beyond that though and many have been well restored and modernised inside!

    A Nou Rambla LoftOm 10 - BjGuesthouse-
    Arco Youth Hostel A&AC/Arc de Santa Eulalia N.1HOSTEL-
    A&A (Palermo)C/Boqueria, 21HOTEL78
    AAE Annex Hotel Barcelona8-10 Jaime 1Hotel78
    AAE Barcelona FinaPortaferrisa 11, Entlo. 2ºHostel-
    AAE Triunfo Hotel & ApartSuitesPasseig de Picasso, 22Hotel-
    AAE Rey Don Jaime11 Jaime 1 GothicHotel80
    Agora BCNPasseig dels Castanyers, 21Hostel87
    Albareda YouthhostelC/ Albareda 12Hostel90
    Alberg Barcelona Pere Tarresc/Numancia 149-151Hostel81
    Alberg Juvenil PalauPalau n6 1 1HOSTEL-
    Alberg La CiutatAlegre de Dalt 66 08024Hostel-
    Albergue Studio HostelC/Duquessa d'Orleans 56 passatgeHOSTEL88
    Alberguinn Youth Hostelc/ Melcior de Palau, 70-74 entloHostel80
    Alternative Creative Youth Home HostelRonda Universitat 17 (entresuelo - 3)HOSTEL81
    Anita's B&Bc/ August Font, 24GUESTHOUSE-
    Apartments BahiaC/ Montserrat 1Apartment-
    Apartment CarmeCarme 26Apartment-
    Apartment HospitalC/ Hospital 85Apartment-
    Apartment MonecSant Pere Mitja 34Apartment-
    AinB Las Ramblas-AmpleC/ Ample 42APARTMENT88
    AinB Picasso-CordersC/ Corders n1APARTMENT-
    AinB Born-DamasC/ Dames n1APARTMENT-
    AinB Eixample-EntençaCalle Entena, 98APARTMENT-
    AinB Las Ramblas-GuardiaC Guardia n 8APARTMENT-
    Apartments in Barcelona B&B Eixample-MuntanerCalle Muntaner 4, second floor, first doorGUESTHOUSE80
    AinB Gothic-Jaume IDagueria n3APARTMENT-
    AinB Born-TiradorsCarrer Tiradors n 1APARTMENT-
    Apartments in Barcelona B&B Born-Via Laietana46 Via Laietana, prpal 2ªGUESTHOUSE74
    AppleCalle Ample 24, 1- 4GUESTHOUSE75
    Apt BalmesBalmes 12Apartment-
    Apt CorsegaCorsega 391Apartment83
    Apt. ReialVidre 3Apartment-
    Apt. Gran ViaGran Via 686Apartment83
    Apt RamblaPassiege de Rellotge 3Apartment-
    Apt. RamCatTallers 18Apartment79
    Apt Super BalmesBalmes 12Apartment87
    Arian YouthhostelAv. Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 251Hostel80
    ArtHostal BCNc/Basses de Sant Pere 10 bjsGuesthouse-
    AsteriscaBalmes 16 Principal PrimeraGuesthouse-
    Atic MontjuicJulia 33APARTMENT-
    AWA Nuevo ColonAv. Marqués de Argentera 19. Piso 1Guesthouse78
    B&B Gabriel La Rambla Gluten FreePassage Escudellers 7GUESTHOUSE-
    Backpackers BCN CasanovaCasanova, 52Hostel86
    Backpackers BCN DiputacióDiputació, 323 ppral.1aHOSTEL86
    Barcelona 4 Fun HostelCarrer Ample 24, 1 floor, Second doorHOSTEL68
    Barcelona Best RoomsTemplarios 6Guesthouse-
    Hostal Center InnGran Via 688GUESTHOUSE-
    Barcelona City HotelAragó 281, 2, 1Hotel80
    Barcelona City NorthSaragossa 95-97Guesthouse79
    Barcelona City RamblasLa Rambla, 133. 3oGUESTHOUSE-
    Barcelona City UrquinaonaBailèn, 13. Pral. 1ªGuesthouse-
    Be Dream HostelC/ Av. Alfonso XIII 28B BadalonaHostel75
    Be Mar HostelCarrer Sant Pau, nr. 80Hostel80
    Be Ramblas HostelCarrer Nou de la Rambla, 50Hostel83
    Barcelona Rooms 294Roger de Flor 294, bajos 2Guesthouse76
    Be Sound HostelNou de la Rambla 91 BarcelonaHostel82
    Urbany Hostel BarcelonaAvda. Meridiana, 97HOSTEL85
    BCN LoftC/Salva, 24 Next to Las RamblasApartment-
    Bcn Market InnComte Borrell 41Guesthouse-
    Apt Beach Bum StudioAlcanar 26Apartment86
    Hotel 54 BarcelonetaPaseo Joan de Borbo 54HOTEL-
    Hotel del Teatre AuditoriRibes 71Hotel-
    Hotel MedicisCastillejos 340Hotel-
    BlueAmple 24 1 4GUESTHOUSE70
    Boat YasantiPort Premia de Mar amarre G-17 Premia de MarGUESTHOUSE-
    Buba HouseArago 239 PrincipalHOSTEL81
    Casa de Billy Barcelona Gran ViaGran Via 420, 4-1Guesthouse90
    Casa DiagonalAv. DiagonalGuesthouse80
    Cathedral GothikoPlaça Ramon Berenguer El Gran 2 BarcelonaGuesthouse-
    Center RamblasCarrer Hospital 63 08001Hostel78
    Chic & Basic TallersCalle Tallers 82GUESTHOUSE-
    Ciutat del PratAv. Remolar 46 El Prat de Llobregat,BarcelonaHotel80
    Downtown Paraiso HostelCarrer de la Junta de Comer, 13 PpalHOSTEL-
    Duquesa de CardonaPaseo Colon, 12Hotel-
    Feetup Mellow Eco Hostel BarcelonaAguilar 54HOSTEL-
    Equity Point CentricPasseig de Gracia 33Hostel80
    Equity Point GothicC/ Vigatans, 5Hostel78
    Fashion HouseCarrer Bruc, 13 PrincipalGuesthouse83
    Feetup Garden House Hostel BarcelonaCalle d' Hedilla 58HOSTEL87
    Gaudi IRambla Cataluña 42Apartment-
    GraffitiCarrer D'Arago 527HOSTEL75
    Gran Central InnGran Via de les Corts Catalans 686, 2-2Guesthouse80
    HelloBCN HostelLafont, 8-10Hostel85
    Hip Karma HostelRonda Sant Pere 39Hostel84
    Hostal AbrevaderoVila i Vilà, 79Guesthouse-
    Hostal Absolut CentroCasanova # 72Guesthouse-
    Hostal Apolo1, Lafont BarcelonaGuesthouse-
    Pillow One BarcelonaCalle Montserrat 13GUESTHOUSE69
    Hostal BarcelonaCarrer del Roser 40Guesthouse82
    Hostal Barcelona Center PlazaRonda Sant Pere 38 1 1GUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal CentralRonda Universitat # 11GUESTHOUSE85
    Hostal Centricc/. Casanova, 13Guesthouse-
    Hostal CentroC/Balmes n83GUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal Ciudad CondalC/ Mallorca 255 PrincipalGuesthouse-
    Hostal Dos ReinosCalle Trafalgar, 39 4ª PisoGuesthouse-
    Hostal EdenC/Balmes no 55 1o 2ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal Felipe IIC/ Mallorca 329. 3ro 1ra.Guesthouse-
    Hostal GironaC/ Girona,24,1o-1ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal HostemploSicilia 276Guesthouse-
    Hostal LazzaC/. Indústria, 81, bajo, 1ª 8025Guesthouse-
    Hostal BCN RamblasRamblas 96 1 2GUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal MuntanerC/ Muntaner 175, 2nd floor, 2nd doorGuesthouse78
    Hostal Pension San RamonCarre Sant Ramón, 15Guesthouse78
    Hostal Quartier GothicAvinyo, 42Guesthouse82
    Hostal Que TalCalle Mallorca 290Guesthouse-
    Hostal RembrandtPortaferrissa 23Guesthouse77
    Hostal Residencia AustraliaRonda Universidad no 11, 4o1ª 08007GUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal VallsLaforja 82 2ndGuesthouse-
    Hostel New YorkC/ d'en GIGNAS 6 08002Hostel74
    Hostel One SantsCalle Casteras 9HOSTEL94
    Hosteria GrauCalle Ramelleres, 27Guesthouse-
    Hotel Barbarac/ Marques de Barbera 22Hotel-
    Hotel Bonanova ParkC/Capita Arenas 51 - 08034Hotel80
    Hotel Continental BarcelonaLa Rambla 138Hotel88
    Hotel Continental PalaceteRambla de Catalunya 30Hotel88
    Hotel CoronadoCalle Nou de la Ramble n 134 08004Hotel82
    Hotel Pere IVPallars 128-130 Avda Pera IVHotel-
    Petit Palace BarcelonaCarrer de Roger de Llúria 21Hotel-
    Hotel RondaCarrer Sant Erasme, 19Hotel-
    Hotel Ronda LessepsBallester 77Hotel-
    Hotel Sagrada FamiliaCalle Corsega 541-543Hotel-
    Hotel UrquinaonaRonda de Sant Pere, 24Hotel75
    Husa Meson CastillaValldoncella 5Hotel80
    Husa OrienteRamblas 45 08002Hotel-
    Husa Tres TorresCalatrava 32 34 08017Hotel-
    Husa Via BarcelonaC/Maria Tarrida, 6-7 Sant Joan DespiHotel-
    Ideal Youth HostelC/Unio No. 12HOSTEL76
    INOUT HostelMajor del Rectoret, 2Hostel79
    Itaca HostelRipoll, 21Hostel88
    Kabul Backpackers HostelPlaza Real 17Hostel86
    Las Ramblas Bacardi ApartmentLas Ramblas 40Apartment-
    Las Ramblas of BarcelonaLas Ramblas 36Guesthouse-
    Lenin Hostel BarcelonaCarrer Valencia, 278 (Corner Passeig de Gracia) BarcelonaGuesthouse67
    Sant Jordi Mambo TangoPoeta Cabanyes 23Hostel83
    MapamundoCalle MilansGuesthouse84
    Mare NostrumRamblas,67 Sant Pau,2Guesthouse79
    Mediterranean Youth HostelDiputació 335 principalHOSTEL90
    Medium AbalonTravesera de Gracia 380-384Hotel-
    Hotel AristolCartagena 369Hotel-
    Best Western Hotel ConfortgolfTravesera de Gracia 72HOTEL-
    Medium MonegalPelayo 62Hotel84
    Medium PrismaAv. Josep Tarradellas 119-121Hotel-
    Melon District Poble SecAvenida Paralelo, 101Hostel83
    MontjuicJulia 33GUESTHOUSE-
    Feetup Yellow Nest Hostel BarcelonaPassatge Regente Mendieta 5HOSTEL86
    Omni HouseArago 237Guesthouse-
    Padilla Guest HousePadilla St, 304Guesthouse-
    Paraiso Travellers HostelRonda de Sant Pau, 55-57 Ppal 1Hostel78
    Park Guell ApartamentCarrer Mare de Deu del CollGuesthouse-
    Partagas ApartmentCarrer del Comte de Santa Clara, 15 bjsApartment-
    Studios Pelayo Guest Housec/ Pelai 5 bajosGUESTHOUSE81
    Pension 45Calle Tallers, 45Guesthouse-
    Pension Casa GoyaCalle Sepulveda 187, principalGuesthouse-
    Pension PicassoRamblas 25Guesthouse-
    Pension SegreCalle Simon Oller, 1 esq. Calle AmpleGuesthouse71
    Petit HotelC/ Laforja 67, 1o 2ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Petit Palace MuseumCarrer de la Diputació 250Hotel-
    Petit Palace Opera GardenCarrer de la Boqueria 10Hotel-
    Poble SecCreu dels Molers 57Apartment-
    Rafaelhoteles Diagonal PortLope de Vega 4Hotel-
    Rambla & Catalunya HostelRambla Catalunya n� 84HOSTEL-
    Rambla Cat InnC/Corsega 305APARTMENT-
    Apt Rambla GaudiNou de la Rambla 28Apartment-
    Rambla GothikoDavinyo 39,1,1Guesthouse-
    Residencia Campus del Marc/ Paseo Salvat Papasseit no 4HOSTEL76
    Residencia D ÍnvestigadorsC/ Hospital, 64Hostel-
    Residencia Erasmus-GraciaTorrent de l Olla, 212-214 Santa Clotilde, 3-5Hostel81
    Residencia La CiutadellaPaseo Pujades, 33-37Hostel79
    Residencia MelonDistrict MarinaSancho de Avila 22Hostel82
    Residencia Pere Felip MonlauSant Oleguer, 20-22Hostel81
    Residencia San Marius IITravessera de Gracia, 22 2nda PlantaGuesthouse-
    Residencia Universitaria AugustaTravesera de Gracia, 96, 1o BarcelonaGUESTHOUSE-
    Residencia Universitaria Sarriac/ Esports, 1-3Hostel-
    Rooms BarcelonaStreet Carrer Sant Pau 80Apartment-
    All Inn BarcelonaCarrer Ample 12, 2ºGUESTHOUSE72
    San MariusMuntaner, 507Guesthouse80
    San Miguel ApartmentCarrer San Miguel 88 - Bajo derechaApartment-
    Sant Jordi AlbergC/ Roger de Lluria 40 1-2Hostel92
    Sant Jordi Arago HostelArago 268, Pr. 1HOSTEL-
    Sant Jordi Diagonal HostelAv Diagonal 436, Entr., 2'Hostel-
    Sant Jordi Sagrada FamiliaFreser,5Hostel89
    Equity Point SeaPlaza del Mar, 1-4Hostel77
    Sleepy Beds Las RamblasCalle Montserrat 8, Entresuelo 2Guesthouse-
    Sun & Moon HostelC/ Ferran 17HOSTEL-
    Temple ResidenceJoan Güell, 86-88, Ent-bjsGuesthouse-
    The PraktikC/ Diputacion 325 BarcelonaHotel-
    The Welcome InnCalle Hospital 93Apartment77
    Torre GironaPasseig dels Til.lers 19Hostel81
    Vidre Home - Plaza RealVidre 7Guesthouse-
    Vila HostelCampus de la Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Bellaterra-Cerdanyola del VallèsHOSTEL78
    Vilanova Park CampingCarretera de l'arboc km.2.5 Apartado 64 E VILANOVA I LA GELTRUCampsite81
    VrabacCalle Portaferrisa 14 2Guesthouse87
    Hostal Nitz BCNCalella 1 2 2Guesthouse80
    Barcelona Central GardenC/ Roger de Lluria 41, PrincipalHOSTEL88
    Barcelona DowntownLa Rambla, 75Guesthouse-
    Barcelona RoomsCalle Urgell 63Hostel-
    Arch of triumph Serenia ApartmentsCarrer Ausiàs March 95Apartment-
    Casanova RoomsSepulveda 170, 4-1GUESTHOUSE-
    Apart Center EixampleCarrer del Consell de Cent 283Apartment-
    Apartment Fira SantsRambla Badal 148Apartment-
    AWA Orleans GuesthouseAvnda. Marques de Argentera nº 13GUESTHOUSE83
    Casa con estiloBalmes 395 , 6º 1ª San GervasioGuesthouse-
    AWA Barcelona City Center HostalCarrer de Girona 46, 2-2GUESTHOUSE-
    Hotel Del ComteCalle Diputació 142-148Hotel-
    Hostal LamiC. Laureà Miró, 278 Esplugues de LlobregatGUESTHOUSE-
    Bohemia BarcelonaGran de Gracia 123GUESTHOUSE81
    Sylvia’s Guest HouseGeneral Castaños 4 PrincipalGuesthouse-
    Hostel RibagorzaTrafalgar, 39, 1st floorGuesthouse-
    Pension MiamiCalle Verge 16GUESTHOUSE-
    Hostel Las FloresRambla Sant Josep 79Hostel-
    AAE HostalBoat Barcelona Port ForumPort Forum de Sant Adria , c/ de la Pau, 12Guesthouse-
    Apartment Fira Gran ViaC/ Buenos Aires 37-39 L'Hospitalet De LlobregatApartment-
    Sagrada FamiliaCarrer de Lepant 257Apartment-
    Hostal Felipe IICalle Mallorca 329 3 floor. Door number 1Apartment-
    Feramblas ApartmentC/Ferran, Blq 19, ppalApartment-
    Villarroel ApartmentsCalle Arago 130Apartment-
    Hotel Sant AntoniConsell de Cent, 476Hotel-
    Hostal FernandoC/ Ferran 31 08003Guesthouse80
    Gaudi IIRambla Cataluña 42Apartment-
    Beach DreamCarrer de Trelawny 2, 11o 2ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal Mont ThaborLas Ramblas, 86Guesthouse80
    Hotel AtlasCardenal Casañas 11Hotel-
    Surfer Paradise Bcnc/Tallers 3GUESTHOUSE-
    Campanile BarcelonaN -150, Km. 6,7 (Sector Baricentro) Barberà del VallèsHotel-
    Midway RamblasLas Ramblas 49APARTMENT-
    Casa Gracia Barcelona HostelPg. de Gracia, 116, 1HOSTEL86
    Barcelona City ApartmentPassatge Alí Bei, 7Apartment80
    Barcelona City Centre HostalBalmes, 60. entlo.GUESTHOUSE83
    Hostal DelfosRonda Sant Antoni, 61-1Guesthouse-
    Diagonal HomeAvda. Diagonal 578 5to. pisoHOSTEL-
    Apt. Super TetuanPlaza Tetuan 21Apartment80
    WillowmoonS/N Port Esportiu d'Aiguadolç Passeig de les DrassanesGUESTHOUSE-
    Pension MariluzC/Palau, 4 2º1ºGUESTHOUSE81
    La Isla HostalRonda San Pere 53Guesthouse80
    360 Hostel BarcelonaCalle Bailen 7HOSTEL90
    Holiday Beach & CityCarrer Bac de Roda 118Apartment-
    Class Holiday FiraCarrer Enric Morrera 44Apartment-
    B&B Diagonal MarCalle Llull 394BGUESTHOUSE-
    Guesthouse RamblasCalle Sant Pau 12GUESTHOUSE-
    Central Gothic ApartmentArc de Santa Eulalia 26Apartment-
    AWA Hostel BarcelonaCarrer Escudellers, 10 Bis- Entresuelo 2ndHostel-
    Hotel PrincipalJunta de Comerç 8Hotel-
    Violeta HostelCalle Girona 39GUESTHOUSE82
    Residencia EixampleDiputacio 75Guesthouse81
    Gothic Suites BCNObradors 3Apartment-
    La Boqueria ApartmentsC/Cabres 9Apartment-
    Hostal Nilo SLC/ Josef Anslem Clave 17Guesthouse75
    Residencia San Marius IIIVallespir 34Guesthouse-
    Barcelona Nice & CozyCarrer del Chapi 85GUESTHOUSE81
    Pension ArosaAvda. Portal de L'Angel 14, 1A PisoGuesthouse-
    Trauko's HomeGran Vias de las Corts Catalanes 538 PralHOSTEL-
    Hostel DuoC/ Rossello 220, PrincipalGUESTHOUSE80
    Hostel One ParaleloCalle Salvá 62HOSTEL95
    Barcelona Park StudiosCarrer Llul 23Apartment-
    Hostal Els AngelsCarrer de Villarroel 47Guesthouse-
    Barna HostalRambla Catalunya 102Guesthouse-
    The AdagioC/ Ferran, 21Guesthouse-
    Ona BarcelonaConsell de Cent 413 - 415Hostel-
    Violeta HostelGirona 39 BarcelonaHostel-
    Hostel Razio City CenterHospital 93 Ciutat VellaHostel-
    Casa ConsellConsell de Cent 324 Principal 2 Entre Paseo de Gracia y Pau ClarisGUESTHOUSE87
    Emily Alhambra HostalVia Layetana 41 PrincipalGUESTHOUSE-
    Ramblas Colon GuesthouseCarrer de Montserrat 8, Entlo 1ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Ramblas PortaferrissaCarrer de la Portaferrissa 26 1ºGUESTHOUSE80
    Dilcia ApartmentGran Via 1387Apartment-
    Barcelona Youth HostelRonda Universidad 15 - PrincipalHOSTEL81
    AWA Happy Hostel BarcelonaRambla de Catalunya 52 , 2.2. 2.2.Hostel-
    Plaza Catalunya Hostel BarcelonaPlaza Catalunya Diputació, 251HOSTEL75
    Lullaby Garden HostelCarrer Provenza 318, E 1HOSTEL-
    Sant Pere StudiosCarrer d'En Cortines, 9Apartment-
    Suite Home BarcelonaAvenida Gaudi, 28APARTMENT-
    Casa GrauCalle Grau i Torras 23APARTMENT-
    Cool Hostel44 La Rambla 2nd Floor BarcelonaHostel-
    Bcn MonumentalCarrer Padilla 162Guesthouse-
    Ramblas Port VellJosep Anselm Clave 5 3o 1ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Bed and Breakfast YulyaCarrer de Sant Pere Mes Alt 2 , 1-1Guesthouse-
    Hostal Centro2Balmes 83GUESTHOUSE-
    House PiaCarrer de Aribau 162, 5BGuesthouse-
    Travellers RavalCarrer del Lleó, 4GUESTHOUSE-
    AWA Hostal ConcepcioCarrer d'Arago 326, 3'2GUESTHOUSE-
    Lullaby Hostel Rambla CatalunyaRambla Catalunya 12. PrincipalHOSTEL77
    Ramblas ColonRambla 2 Pl. Portal de la pau 4Guesthouse-
    Living Room BCNLa Rambla 75Guesthouse-
    Travellers FlatPasseig de Sant Joan 64Apartment-
    Casa Teva ApartmentCalle Mallorca 236, 4, 4APARTMENT81
    C40 RoomsCarrer del Carmen 40Apartment-
    Pension CiudadelaComercio 33, 1-1Guesthouse80
    Les cases JoicaCalle Ticia, 18GUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal RadioCarrer Tigre 29 Carrer Sant Vicenc 39Guesthouse80
    Apartamentos TallersCarrer dels Tallers 28Apartment-
    NikborPaseo de Gracia 114HOSTEL-
    After HostelEnric Granados 52HOSTEL78
    Gaudi 9Calle Sant Elm 41Apartment-
    Hostal HMBFrancisco Giner, 5Guesthouse-
    Diagonal ResidencialAv Diagonal 305 2 1GUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal AlbiAvinyo 58 Principal PrimeraGuesthouse74
    Sute HostalGrant de Sant Andreu, 343 BISGUESTHOUSE-
    Plaza Cataluña StudiosTallers 37 BarcelonaAPARTMENT-
    Pension PortugalJosep Anselm Clave 27 1o1ªGUESTHOUSE-
    El Jardinet de GraciaCarrer Sant Salvador 127APARTMENT-
    Best Location BarcelonaCalle Mallorca 236, 31GUESTHOUSE-
    Yellow Line StudiosTrafalgar 5APARTMENT-
    Hostal BCN 46Roger de Lluria no 46 Entresuelo 3GUESTHOUSE-
    JulianRoom4rent BarcelonaGran Via de les Corts Catalanes 462 apartment nr3GUESTHOUSE75
    Barcelona Loves youCalle Avinyo 42GUESTHOUSE-
    Casanova Sky PenthouseCarrer de Casanova 66GUESTHOUSE-
    Spain House ApartmentC/ Tamarit 164APARTMENT-
    Apart Center SantsCarrer de Badal 148Apartment-
    Albergue New YorkD'en Gignas 6-8Hostel-
    Picasso Boarding HouseC/Ramblas, no 25Guesthouse-
    Sweet BCNCalle Corsega 507 1 2GUESTHOUSE-
    Sant Jordi Graciac/ Terol 35HOSTEL90
    Des Artistes 12Gran via de les Corts Catalanes 716 3 2GUESTHOUSE-
    AWA Hostal CentralPelai 11, Casa Inter PhoneGUESTHOUSE-
    AWA Barcelona Hostal ApoloCalle Roser 85Guesthouse-
    Mister Bruc's Bed & CoffeeBruc 24 ,principalGUESTHOUSE-
    Rambla's Point ApartmentsCarrer del CarmeApartment-
    Zoo Rooms Boutique GuesthouseMallorca 209,PrGUESTHOUSE-
    Que Tal hostelC/ Mallorca 290Hostel-
    Barcelona Center Chill GrooveCalle Ortigosa, Number 3, Buzzer - PRIMER Metro UrquinaonaGUESTHOUSE-
    Sonia's GuesthouseGran Via de les Corts Catalanes 421, 2-1GUESTHOUSE-
    @homec/ diputacio 365, 5-2APARTMENT-
    Pescadores Beach ApartmentCarrer Pescadores 45APARTMENT-
    Guesthouse RobertoCarrer Riera Alta 36GUESTHOUSE-
    Arc de Triomf HostelPasseig Sant Joan 4HOSTEL-
    Casa TrippyCalle Sant Pere Martir 21GUESTHOUSE-
    Sunshine Guesthouse BarcelonaCarrer dels Escudellers 6GUESTHOUSE-
    Serendipity Hostel BarcelonaCarrer Casp 160 EntresueloHostel-
    Generator Hostel BarcelonaCarrer de Còrcega 377HOSTEL82
    Barcelona D-GuesthouseCarrer de Josep Anselm Clave 4Hotel-
    Drassanes GuesthouseCalle Guardia 14BIS, Third floorGUESTHOUSE-
    Serenity BCN GuesthouseAmple 24GUESTHOUSE-
    Serenity Gotic HostelAmple 24, main floor, second doorGUESTHOUSE81
    Fabrizzios Guesthouse BarcelonaCarrer del Consell de Cent 414 1ero 1eraGUESTHOUSE-
    Art y Casa HostelRambla Catalunya 95GUESTHOUSE-
    AAl @ RoomsGran Via de les Corts Catalanes 472, 5BGUESTHOUSE82
    Martinval HostalCarrer de Bruc 117GUESTHOUSE-
    St Christopher's BarcelonaCarrer de Bergara, 3HOSTEL86
    Cool & Chic HostelTravessera de Collblanc, 5HOSTEL84
    The HipstelCarrer de Valencia 266HOSTEL-
    Blanc Guest HouseCalle Tuset 27 1º BarcelonaGUESTHOUSE-
    Paredes 99 Paredes Street, ground floorAPARTMENT-
    Hostalet Barcelona SCPCalle Casanova,155.(pral 1ª)GUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal LayetanaPlaza Ramon Berenguer el Gran 2; 1º 1ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Escudellers HouseEscudellers 6GUESTHOUSE-
    Apt. Super Balmes IIIBalmes 12APARTMENT-
    Twentytú Hi-Tech HostelPamplona 114-116HOSTEL84
    Casa Chic DiagonalDiagonal 383, 4-2GUESTHOUSE-
    Eixample RoomsGran Via de las Cortes Catalanas 419 4 floor, Door 2GUESTHOUSE-
    Coroleuhouse-BCNCoroleu 33 BisGUESTHOUSE82
    AWA Relax Hostal BarcelonaAvinguda de la Republica Argentina, 256 (PRAL 1)GUESTHOUSE-
    Barcelona Tierra Azul HostelCarrer de Valencia 223 principal 2HOSTEL-
    ApartamentingComte Borrell 42 BarcelonaAPARTMENT-
    Hostal Ambos MundosPlaza Real n10GUESTHOUSE-
    Me & MoTorre dels Pardals 63, 4 º 2 ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Ole' BarcelonaCarrer de Sardenya 302GUESTHOUSE73
    Casanova Rooms Atico ApartmentSepulveda 170, 4-1APARTMENT-
    Goda BCN Bed&BreakfastSicilia N172 2º 2ºGUESTHOUSE-
    Hotel Center Gran ViaGran Via Corts Catalanes 573HOTEL-
    Primavera HostelMallorca 330,GUESTHOUSE83
    Ferran M&SVidre 2, first floorGUESTHOUSE81
    Pahissa Artist RoomsPintor Pahissa 15GUESTHOUSE-
    Las Ramblas ApartmentsRonda Sant Pere 7 BarcelonaAPARTMENT-
    Pau Claris - AticoPau Claris 115 Atico 1aGUESTHOUSE-
    Apartament Rambla Poble NouPallars 301GUESTHOUSE-
    Ramblas - Plaza CataluñaRamblas 121GUESTHOUSE-
    Rosello-AribauCarrer de Rosello 142GUESTHOUSE-
    Paseo Bonanova - SarriaPaseo Bonanova Via AugustaGUESTHOUSE-
    Pau Claris - SegundaPau Claris 115GUESTHOUSE-
    Rambla Cataluña - Paseo de GraciaRambla de CataluñaGUESTHOUSE-
    Pau Claris - Tercerapau Claris 115GUESTHOUSE-
    Via Augusta - Paseo BonanovaVia Augusta, Paseo Bonanova.GUESTHOUSE-
    Plaza Bonanova - PutxetCarrer del Bisbe SivillaGUESTHOUSE-
    Barceloneta beachRector Bruguera 19GUESTHOUSE-
    Sweet BCN Studio with TerraceCalle San Pere Martir 15APARTMENT-
    Stay in BCN SuitesRambla Catalunia 41, 2ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Apartamento SenecaSeneca 19 4to AAPARTMENT-
    Trianon & Co BarcelonaCarrer de Sepulveda 93, apartment 1-1GUESTHOUSE81
    Seminari Salesia Mari-CodolarAv.Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer 15- 08035 BarcelonaHOTEL80
    Hostal Barcelona CentroC/Pau Claris, 104GUESTHOUSE-
    Hotel GloriesPadilla 173HOTEL-
    La Sagrada Guesthouse302 Carrer de Sardenya, 4th floor - 1GUESTHOUSE-
    Martha's GuesthouseArc del Teatre 18, 3-1GUESTHOUSE-
    LaLaLaramblaPl Josep Oriol 3 1ªGUESTHOUSE81
    Microtel Bauhaus Gran ViaGran Via 686 Floor E, Apt 1.APARTMENT81
    AbarcelonaroomsCalle Montaner 62 2. 1GUESTHOUSE-
    AbarcelonaloftCalle Cabres 6, Principal 1APARTMENT-
    Bedcelona GraciaLegalitat 17HOSTEL-
    Bedcelona Barceloneta Beach Club & RoomsBaluart 106 BarcelonaHOSTEL-
    Soul Surfer BCNSitges 3GUESTHOUSE-
    Bon Moustache HostelGirona 33HOSTEL81
    B&B PujadesCalle Pujades 125, 2º1ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Alfons XII HomeAlfons XII, 9, 4-4GUESTHOUSE-
    Somnio BarcelonaC/ Diputacio 251, 2GUESTHOUSE80
    Agua AlegreRoger de lluria 47GUESTHOUSE-
    Hbcn RoomsCalle Diputacion 118 Derecha, Principal BIS 2ºGUESTHOUSE-
    Apartamento Barcelona LuxuryCalle Diputació 333 bisAPARTMENT-
    Hostal BairesCalle Avinyo 37 08002GUESTHOUSE-
    Residencia NuriaRoger de LLuria 147 1ºGUESTHOUSE-
    La PalmeraJerusalem 30GUESTHOUSE-
    Park Guell Barcelona RoomsAvinguda de Can Baro 4 BajosGUESTHOUSE-
    Fabrizzio Petit PalaceCarrer del Bruc 65 2do 2da BarcelonaGUESTHOUSE90
    Apartments Bcn CityCarrer de Rocafort 124APARTMENT-
    YPO RoomsC/ Rosellon 369, Piso 2, 2GUESTHOUSE-
    Centric Park ApartmentCalle Roser 93APARTMENT-
    Pepita RoomsCarrer Pere IV, 48GUESTHOUSE-
    Sunny Penthouse near the beachBilbao 81, 3-1APARTMENT-
    Sweet BCN Studio with BalconyCalle Mozart 7APARTMENT-
    Apartment on the coast at 15 km to BarcelonaAvda Constitucion, 124, 1, 1 CastelldefelsAPARTMENT-
    De Lis Guesthouse BarcelonaBailen 190 principal primeraGUESTHOUSE-
    NikborPº de Gracia 114Hostel-
    The Hostel Box PortCalle Albareda 6-8HOSTEL-
    Gracia City Hostel BarcelonaCarrer de San Père Mártir 18, 08024 BarcelonaHOSTEL81
    Sofia's Guest HouseGran Via de les Corts Catalanes 415-417 Escalera A, Primero, primeraGUESTHOUSE-
    Art City HostelRambla de Catalunya, 64, 1º-1ªHOSTEL80
    AWA Barcelona Hostal Good VibrationsPassatge del Crèdit, 8Guesthouse-
    AWA Barcelona Hostal CéntricoCarrer Muntaner 175, PISO 4, DEPART. 1Hostel-
    Blue Cloud HostelSepúlveda 47, Ent 3Hostel-
    Violeta Boutiquecalle Caspe 38GUESTHOUSE-
    Private Rooms in Barcelona centerPau Claris 100, Carrer Roger de LluriaGUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal La NauGran Via 651 1 AGUESTHOUSE-
    Triple 2 B&BArago 222 Entresuelo 1GUESTHOUSE-
    Pepita Rooms 2Carrer del Canigó 105GUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal Sagrada FamiliaCalle Corcega 546 Ent 2ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Gastronomic Guesthouse in RavalCarrer Junta de Comerç 30, 3, 2GUESTHOUSE-
    Sweet BCN Three BedroomCalle Ferrer de Blanes 6APARTMENT-
    Hotel CallArc Sant Ramón del Call, 4 Ciutat VellaHOTEL-
    Bed&Art HostelRonda Sant Pere, 25, principal 2Hostel-
    LivingRoom CentralCarrer pelai n11Hostel-
    Barcelona City Center Hostal46 Carrer Girona Casa IntercomGUESTHOUSE79
    Generator Hotel BarcelonaCarrer de Còrcega 373HOTEL-
    Casa BarcellonaVila i Vilá 89GUESTHOUSE-
    Piso Azul ZafiroC/Pere IV, 3º 2ª BarcelonaAPARTMENT-
    Dalia RamblasSant Pau 22HOTEL80
    Piso Azul AzabacheC/Pere IV, Barcelona 08018APARTMENT-
    Piso Azul PlataC/Pere IV, 3º 1ªAPARTMENT-
    The Great Sunny PenthouseC/ Clotet 11 Ático D Hospitalet de LlobregatAPARTMENT-
    Piso Azul MarinoPaseo Maritimo BarcelonetaGUESTHOUSE-
    Piso Azul TurquesaAlmirall Barcelo, BarcelonetaAPARTMENT-
    Piso azul celesteBarceloneta, Calle AlmirallAPARTMENT-
    Hotel CondalBoqueria 23 BarcelonaHOTEL-
    Piso Verde EsmeraldaCalle Baldomer Girona, 2nd floor Horta-Guinardó, Barrio Sant Genís dels AgudellsAPARTMENT-
    Piso Verde JadeCalle Baldomer Girona 3thr floor Horta-Guinardó, Barrio Sant Genís dels AgudellsAPARTMENT-
    HostelscatPanissars 5HOSTEL-
    Family Friendly B&BCarrer de Provença La PedreraGUESTHOUSE-
    Black SwanAli Bei 15HOSTEL89
    Quadrat d'Or B&B BarcelonaBruc 91, 1 BarcelonaGUESTHOUSE-
    Anba Bed and Breakfast DeluxeRonda de Sant Pere 27, piso principal puerta 4ª,GUESTHOUSE-
    Dailyflats Barcelona Center ComplexVillarroel 28GUESTHOUSE-
    Hotel AnetoCarrer del Carme 38HOTEL-
    Barcelona Cosy RoomsCalle Marina 124 1st floor, 4th doorGUESTHOUSE-
    LivingRoom Plaza CatalunyaDiputacio 251Hostel-
    Hotel FrontAir CongressAlberedes 16 Sant Boi del LlobregatHotel-
    Hotel Fira CongressC/ de José Agustín Goytisolo 9-11 Hospitalet de LlobregatHotel-
    Confortel AlmiranteC/Via Laietana 42Hotel-
    Confortel AuditoriC/Sicilia 166-170Hotel-
    Confortel BarcelonaC/Ramón Turró, 196-198-Esc. C/LlacunaHotel-
    Confortel Bel-ArtC/Lepant 406Hotel-
    Barcelona HomesDiagonal 578, 4th floorGUESTHOUSE-
    Sants BarcelonaCalle Viriat 45 7-2APARTMENT-
    Casa RusaC Rector Triado 46GUESTHOUSE-
    Amarillo IndioGran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 439 Barrio de Nova EsquerraAPARTMENT-
    Piso Amarillo CadmioNova Esquerra de l´Eixample, dentro del distritoAPARTMENT-
    Piso Amarillo OroNova Esquerra de l´Eixample, dentro del distrito BarcelonaAPARTMENT-
    AinB Eixample-MiroEntenza 140APARTMENT-
    Hostal Rio de CastroAvenida Parallel 119GUESTHOUSE-
    Gracia - Sagrada FamiliaC/Grassot 66 2n 2aAPARTMENT-
    GayStay BarcelonaCalle Mallorca 200, 4-1GUESTHOUSE-
    Barcelona B&BCalle Roger de Flor 294GUESTHOUSE-
    BBB - Jardinets Guest HouseGran de Gracia 25GUESTHOUSE-
    Hotel Via AugustaVia Augusta 63HOTEL80
    Barcelona CentroCalle Caballero 55, Bajo 2 Plaza de CentroAPARTMENT-
    Amistat Beach HostelC/ Amistat, 21-23HOSTEL88
    Urbany Hostel BCN GO!C/Gran Via, 563HOSTEL84
    Lowe Apartments S.LProvenza 275APARTMENT-
    Apartamentos Plaza CataluñaRonda de Sant Pere, 11APARTMENT-
    Flowery PalaceCarrer Jocs Florals 149-151 Sants MontjuicAPARTMENT-
    Hotel TransitCarrer del Rector Triadó, 82Hotel-
    Hotel Azul BarcelonaGran Via de les Corts Catalanes 327HOTEL-
    Guesthouse Sagrada FamiliaValencia 482GUESTHOUSE-
    Khan HomeCalle Valladolid 5GUESTHOUSE-
    Voluto HotelCalle Rubió i Ors 3HOTEL-
    Casa del Sol 3Calle Martinez de la Rosa y CorsegaAPARTMENT-
    Hostal Albi Las RamblasCalle Nou de La Rambla 1, first floor 2.GUESTHOUSE-
    Enzo B&BRoser 81 2-2GUESTHOUSE-
    Green Apartment BarcelonaLlorer 7 GraciaAPARTMENT-
    Apartment BCNetaCalle Doctor Aiguader 9-11 Edificio 7, 3-4APARTMENT-
    Hostal HouseConstitucio 36GUESTHOUSE-
    Imagine B&BAv Diagonal 345 , 6º,1GUESTHOUSE-
    The Hostel Box GaudiMare de deu Coll, 59HOSTEL-
    Barcelona GuestHouseAvinguda del Marquès de l'Argentera 6 - BajoGUESTHOUSE-
    Eric Vokel Industria SuitesCalle Industria 165 08025APARTMENT-
    Quality Stays BcnSepulveda 181, 1- 1B Pl.UniversitatAPARTMENT-
    Raval RoomsCalle Hospital 155GUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal CerdanaCalle Girona 35 1º 2ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Hostal PutxetBallester 13GUESTHOUSE-
    Sercotel Abbot BarcelonaAvda. de Roma, 23HOTEL-
    Hostal ExpressRiera de Sant Miquel, 74GUESTHOUSE-
    HostelonaCarrer Berlin 72 1-4GUESTHOUSE-
    Mihlton BarcelonaCalle Rosellon 231GUESTHOUSE-
    Hip Hostel BarcelonaTorrent de l'Olla 98HOSTEL-
    Barcelona City SevenAribau, 235. 1º 4ªGuesthouse-
    Barcelona City StreetCalle Denia, 34. entlo.Hostel-
    Padd-Prop11 Main StreetHOSTEL-
    Go BarcelonaAvenida Diagonal 347 piso 5º puerta 1ªGUESTHOUSE-
    Tailor's HostelCarrer de Sepulveda 146HOSTEL-
    Barcelona RavalCarrer Sant Vicenc 6APARTMENT-
    Hotel SeñoritaCarrer De Cartagena 199 Floor 3, Door 1HOTEL-
    EuroApartmentsPau Claris 171APARTMENT-
    Fabrizzios Terrace BarcelonaCarrer de Girona 49 principalHOSTEL86
    ApartHotel Renta BarsaCarrer de Avinyo 24APARTMENT-
    Pepita Rooms 3Calle Girona 48GUESTHOUSE-
    Ajuntament Apartments BarcelonaDoctor Balari i Jovany 7 St AndreuAPARTMENT-
    Korea HostelGran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 628, 1 BarcelonaGUESTHOUSE-
    Casa Kessler BarcelonaC/ Enric Granados 30 EntHostel-
    Alojamiento SampaioCompte D Urgell 67 - 21GUESTHOUSE-
    Hostel Casa KesslerCalle Enric Granados, 30 Entresuelo BarcelonaHOSTEL-




    Keep Connected


    High speed internet is available in the most parts of the city. Most of the hotels and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi to their guests. Free wifi is available in most of the parks and on the beaches in Barcelona. Look at this article for details of the different hotspots.


    See also International Telephone Calls

    Telefonica is the main telephone provider of Spain and is responsible for installation and maintenance of telephone lines as well as offering internet, television and other value added services. Telefonica has monopoly in the rural areas whereas in Barcelona and other urban areas there are other service providers such as Orange, and tele2, having offers of cheaper calls to certain countries. Despite the stiff competition, Telefonica remains the preferred service provide due to superior customer service and prompt response to problems. The most central Telefonica stores can be found in Barcelona at Catalunya,16 and Gran de Garcia,143.

    The international access code for Spain is +34. The emergency number for police, ambulance and the fire brigade is 112.

    In cities you can find plenty of public phones, and 'locutorios'. The latter are small shops where you can use the phone and use internet. Most of them also sell prepaid cards for mobile telephones. These shops are used a lot by foreigners to call to their mother country.

    The main mobile network operators in Spain are Yoigo, Vodafone, Movistar and Orange, as in most of Europe voice and data coverage is generally good in urban areas however it can be patchy in rural locations. Cheap mobile phones (less than €50) with some pre-paid minutes are sold at FNAC or any phone operator's shop (Vodafone, Movistar, Orange). Topping-up is then done by buying scratch cards from the small stores, supermarkets, vending points (often found in tobacco shops) or kiosks.


    If you want to post a card, you can head to the post office (Correos). The Spanish post is not yet as efficient as colleagues in other countries so receiving a card can take a bit longer than the number of days that it should take. On the website of Correos, you can find the locations of nearby post offices.
    Post offices are generally open from 8:30am to 2:00pm, although times will vary according to the size of the city/town and the main post offices might be open until the early evening. Most will also open again on Saturday mornings, but in the smaller towns will close as early as 12 noon. When posting a letter, look for a yellow box and, if possible, post at the post office itself where there will also be divisions for local, national and international mail. Be prepared for long queues at the post office. This is why tobacco shops sell stamps and many will also have the facility to weigh packages. Standard letters/postcards of up to 20 grams sent within Spain are €0.34. However, non-standard letters/postcards of up to 20g are €0.39. Letters/postcards of 20 to 50 grams are €0.45. In the case of international shipping, the price is €0.64 to most countries within Europe for standard envelopes (letters/postcards) up to 20g, for a few European countries and outside Europe it is €0.78. If you want to send a package you are probably better off with a private courier company like TNT, DHL or UPS, as they offer quick and reliable services against competitive prices.


    Quick Facts


    • Latitude: 41.387917
    • Longitude: 2.169919

    Accommodation in Barcelona

    We have a comprehensive list of accommodation in Barcelona searchable right here on Travellerspoint. You can use our map to quickly compare budget, mid-range or top of the range accommodation in Barcelona and areas nearby.


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