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Quaint little town at the "end of the road" so to speak. After 7 hours or so of bouncing along in the back of a ute along crazily awesome roads that really have no right to exist, you'll get to Batopilas. You might want to lye down by now. Find the town square with the children's mural on it. Stand in the middle of the plaza facing the mural and look to your left. There is a little guest house there. Knock on the door and you'll be greeted with a smile. Gorgeous little courtyard laiden place with delightful little rooms. This guest house is highly recommended. Once you've lay down for a while, walk out the front door and turn left. up that street not too far is a pub who serve fantastic bistec and cerverza. Treat yourself.

When ready, speak to the guesthouse lady about a tour to the tribal cave dwelling people and the lost cathedral. She'll tell you to look for a guy who i think was named Hector. He'll take you for a ride further along the road to a cathedral that no-one knows who built or when or why. If you're lucky, they'll still be painting the roof and you'll be able to climb up and help them for a bit. the views are awesome. You can walk to this church from Batopillas if so inclined. Hector will also take you up to a local tribal village or two.

Spend the rest of your time in Batopilas strolling around (slowly), eating great food, sitting by the river emersed in a book, or anything else. But dont be too active. I dont think it's the local way.

Of course, you could explore the Baranca del Cobra by train, or on multi-day hikes if you so wish.



Getting There

From Creel
There are a few options. Firstly; you could rent a car (expensive and bold move due to the roads). Secondly you could catch the bus (old 50s rusted out small thing that leaves Creel at 5am, not a good option). Thirdly, and most advisable (and a lot of fun), hitch hike. I was told this by an American dude called Chad i met in that pub from above who had chosen Creel as his place to have a break for a few years (Tell him Jono from Australia says gday if he's still there). All the locals do it. It's perfectly safe. Just speak to someone in Creel to get an idea of which direction to go and you'll be right. It really is an INCREDIBLE experience sitting in the back of a ute (Aussie for pick-up truck) next to some local Tarahumaran tribesman looking up (and down) at the most awe inspiring canyons you've ever imagined. "Be careful" though, as some potential ride givers in the area may offer you drugs. If you're not that way inclined, which ill assume you're not, a simple no thankyou will be all that is needed.

Along the way, you'll come across a small, and I mean miniature, town called La Bufa. If you have the chance, stay here for a night either on the way to Batopillas or on the way back. Just speak to the family in the house on the left (you'll know the one when you get there) and they'll have a room for you up on the hill. If travelling alone, this will possibly the most tranquil 24 hours of your life. If with your significant other, there is plenty of privacy here. If with a mate, just enjoy the serenity. After all, the population of the place is 11. Go for a small hike down the cliff-side to the river for a swim. the water will be cold, and i mean properly cold, but there's nothing like swimming in a fresh water river with tribesman coming down to feed the goats and nothing but nature surrounding. La Bufa - do it.



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