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Benelux is a union of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Historically, these countries were dubbed the "Low Countries", but the term "Benelux" arose during World War II as the countries joined into an economic union known as the Benelux Customs Union. The name "Benelux" was derived from the first letters of each country: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg.




The defining feature of the Benelux countries is their flatness. The highest point, in fact, is at the Signal de Botrange in Belgium: it totals a whopping 694 metres above sea level, but a handy tower allows you to climb an extra 6 metres and attain the lofty height of 700 metres. Wow.

The Ardennes offers a diversion from the flatness. This is a hilly region that stretches through southern Belgium and Luxembourg.




Bicis en Amsterdam

Bicis en Amsterdam

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The Netherlands
The Netherlands is well known for national icons like clogs, bikes, dikes and wooden shoes; a liberal political landscape; and a very interesting capital city.

Stuff your face with fine beers, Belgian chocolate and delicious food while you enjoy Belgium's medieval-themed cities.

Luxembourg is the little one. A tiny bit over 2,500 square km, this is one of the world's smallest countries. But it's a fascinating nation with a long, proud history and a picturesque landscape dominated by the Ardennes.


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