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Twin Medieval Towers of Bologna

Twin Medieval Towers of Bologna

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Bologna is a city in northern Italy and is the capital of Emilia-Romagna, a region in the Po Valley. The city has about 400,000 inhabitants and is one of the wealthiest cities in the country, at the same time offering splended culture and Italian cuisine to curious travellers who go beyond the general route.



Sights and Activities

Bologna's historical city centre is one of the biggest in Europe (after Venice) and there are dozens of buildings dating back to the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque buildings styles.

  • Medieval defensive towers / Twin Medieval Towers
  • The oldest university in the western world with the Anatomical Theatre (Archiginnasio) and Palazzo Poggi with collections from natural history, anatomy, physics and chemistry
  • The basilica of San Petronio, one of the biggest in the world
  • San Pietro Cathedral
  • Santo Stefano basilica and sanctuary
  • San Domenico basilica and sanctuary
  • St. Francis basilica
  • Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of San Luca
  • Arcades (porticos) like the Portico of San Luca




Bologna's climate is nice, with generally warm summers from late May to September when temperatures are usually between 25 °C and 30 °C and nights are roughly 10 °C colder than that. It can get pretty hot though on some day in July and August and combined with the European crowds this may not be the best time to visit. Winters last from December to March with temperatures well below zero during the day but around freezing in the coldest months (December and January). Summers are driest although winters don't see that much of rain (or the odd snow flock) either. Most of the precipitation falls during the early spring (March-early May) and late autumn (October-November) months. A good time to plan your visit would be late May, early June or the month of September, avoiding hot or cold weather, rain and crowds alltogether.



Getting There

By Plane

Bologna Airport (BLQ) offers numerous flights throughout Europe and is one of the fastest growing airports in the country. Lowcost airlines like Ryanair serve cities like London, Oslo, Madrid, Brussels, Frankfurt, Valencia, Paris and Birmingham, among other smaller cities. Many other airlines have domestic or international flights, including to Rome, Reykjavik, Athens, Prague, Vienna, Dublin, Geneva, Berlin, Cologne, Lisbon and Casablanca.

The Aerobus BLQ shuttle service goes to the Railway Station from the airport, taking about 20 minutes. There are also direct buses going to Modena and Siena from the airport.

By Train

For train tickets to many Italian cities and international connections as well, check both the Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) andthe Trenitalia websites for schedules and prices.

By Car

The city is at the junction of the A1, A14 and A13 highways, and so is easily accessible from anywhere in Italy. Most traffic from Milan would exit the A1 and take the Tangenziale, but beware this road at rush hour because it is horrendously packed. Expect to use 2 hours from the A1 exit to the Tangenziale to the centre at certain peak times over summer busy weekends, especially at the beginning and end of August.

By Bus

Ferrara has regular bus connections, taking about 1 hours. For most other regional or domestic cities, trains are a far better option.
Eurolines connects Bologna directly with several European cities, though again, trains and planes are a far better option and hardly more expensive, if not cheaper.



Getting Around

By Public Transport

TPER manages public transport in Bologna. Their information and ticket centres are available at some central locations in the city, including the railway station Bologna Centrale and Autostazione di Bologna, the intercity bus station. Bus maps are available there. Single tickets and some other types of bus tickets can be also purchased at many other resellers around the city (newspaper sellers, tobacconists, cafés, etc.).

By Foot

Bologna is a great place around which to travel on foot, as getting around the city is quite easy: the streets are well marked. It is also a great way to find hidden gems which are frequented by locals. Some care has to be taken crossing roads: the city centre swarms with scooters and small motorcycles (cars banned during the day) and they ride them everywhere.

By Bike

Bikes are most popular among the people of Bologna. They are available for rent on various location around the city (Dynamo, the bicycle parking station, can be found nearby the train station). You can ride on the many bike trails and on the side of the road. Be sure to lock them safely with a good lock, as they get stolen all around town, especially around the University.




There are many choices for where to eat, as Bologna is generally considered to be the gastronomic centre of Italy, the Food Capital. It is difficult to find a truly poor meal as the Bolognese, like most Italians, use fabulous quality local produce with sparkling ingenuity.




Consider visiting the many pubs and clubs of Via Zamboni (university zone); some, such as "The Irish Pub", popular with students and foreigners, give happy hours on Tuesday/Wednesday. "Al Piccolo" down the road in Piazza Verdi is another famous student haunt, a live DJ playing techno into the early mornings. Otherwise, the Via Pratello has many bars and is the center of the city's alternative scene. Worth a look in particular is "Mutanye", whose owner is reputed to have been part of the Red Brigade in his youth, hence the many soviet posters. Via Mascarella, in the northeast area of the city, has plenty of nightspots, among them two jazz clubs. And, finally, check out the many bars and pubs hosting music contests and concerts, from rock to jazz to "liscio", the traditional folk songs in Emilia-Romagna.





Albergo Centrale bolognavia della zecca 2 bolognaHotel85
Albergo delle TermeViale delle Terme 1113 Castel San Pietro Terme Castel San Pietro (Bo)Hotel-
Aparthotel Feeling at homeVia Bruno Tosarelli 76/2 - Castenaso BolognaApartment-
Arcoveggio HotelVia Lionello spada 27Hotel87
Astoria HotelVia Fratelli Rosselli, 14Hotel81
B&B Alla Corte del PicchioVia Picchio, 1 Castelguelfo di BolognaGuesthouse-
B&B AnnaVia Orfeo 24Guesthouse-
B&B Baroni GiorgiaVia Morgagni 9Guesthouse82
B&B Centro Turistico Citta di BolognaVia Romita 12Guesthouse82
Bed & Breakfast a BolognaVia Cairoli, 3Guesthouse86
Bergonzoni Marina B&BVia Martiri Di Monte Sole 17Guesthouse-
Cà del BucoV. Lavino 462 Monte Pastore, Monte San PietroGuesthouse84
Cristina Rossi Bed and BreakfastVia Porta di Castello 6Guesthouse90
Eurogarden Hotel BolognaVia dei Billi 2/a Ozzano EmiliaHotel-
FuoriportaVia Montello 4Guesthouse-
Hostel San Sisto - Due Torrivia Viadagola 5Hostel68
Hotel CastelloViale Terme 1010/bHotel-
Hotel Due TorriVia Degli Usberti, 4Hotel74
Hotel Europa-BolognaVia Cesare Bodrini, 11Hotel-
Hotel FieraVia Stalingrado 82Hotel70
Hotel Holidayvia Bertiera 13Hotel-
Hotel Il CanaleVia Bertiera, 2Hotel-
Hotel Il GuercinoVia Luigi Serra 7Hotel72
Hotel ImperialVia del Gomito 16Hotel-
Hotel MarconiVia Trasversale di Pianura 2/C - BentivoglioHotel-
Hotel NettunoVia Serenari, 13Hotel-
Hotel Regina-BolognaVia Indipendenza, 51Hotel-
Hotel Tre VecchiVia Indipendenza, 47Hotel-
La Bella ZolaVia San Pancrazio, 10 Zola PredosaGuesthouse-
Stazione CentraleGalleria 2 agosto 1980 n.1Apartment-
Top Hotel Park BolognaVia Nazionale Toscana, 67Hotel82
Residenza al Collegio di Spagna BolognaVia Collegio di Spagna 13Guesthouse-
One RoomVia Antonio Di Vincenzo 33Guesthouse86
Centro Europa UnoVia Emilia 297,Hostel-
King Rose Hotelvia Sandonato 79/2Hotel-
Stabellini-BrandolaVia Allende 9, Trebbo di RenoApartment-
B&B La ConchigliaVia Sant' Isaia, 27/2GUESTHOUSE-
AmaBolognaVia Saragozza 163Guesthouse-
Hotel GiardinettoVia Massarenti, 76Hotel-
Hotel Continentalvia Giuseppe Garibaldi 8 Zola PredosaHotel-
Relais Antica Residenza D'azeglio Vicino RizzoliVia Massiimo D'Azeglio 64Guesthouse-
Lodole Country HouseLocalità Lodole, 325 MonzunoHostel-
Castello di GaleazzaVia Provanone 8585 Galeazza di CrevalcoreGuesthouse-
B&B Anna 2Piazza dell'Unità 3GUESTHOUSE-
Il CastelloVia Porta di Castello 4 BolognaGuesthouse84
A Casa FachinVia Frassinago, 16Guesthouse84
Residence Alle Scuole B&BVia Scuole, 3 Granarolo dell'Emilia (BOLOGNA)GUESTHOUSE-
B&B HopeAntonio Di Vincenzo 40GUESTHOUSE87
AccademiaVia belle arti 6Hotel84
B&B RominaVia De' Gombruti 16GUESTHOUSE-
A Casa VittoriaViale Alcide De Gasperi 2/4Guesthouse-
Cherry Cat Bed & BreakfastVia Fleming 38 Monte San PietroGUESTHOUSE-
Le Stanze del Carrovia del Carro, 11, 40126, Bologna, ItalyGuesthouse-
B&B Ca De TaruffiVia Maranina, 1GUESTHOUSE-
Residenza AriostoVia Marsala, 11Apartment84
Bologna Old TownVia A. Rubbiani n. 2Guesthouse85
Bozz 2Via Palestro 23Apartment83
Il NosadilloVia Nosadella, 19Guesthouse86
B&B ParigiVia Parigi 4 BolognaGUESTHOUSE83
B&B Centro Turistico Citta di BolognaVia Romita 12GUESTHOUSE-
Riva Reno B&BVia Riva di Reno 33GUESTHOUSE82
Hotel UniversityVia Mentana, 7Hotel83
Hotel DonatelloVia Dell' Indipendenza 65Hotel-
B&B Pratellovia Del Pratello, 97GUESTHOUSE84
Hotel Atlanticvia Galliera 46Hotel-
B&B Via del CarroVia Del Carro 8 40126 BolognaGUESTHOUSE-
Bologna Bed and BreakfastSan vitale 126GUESTHOUSE75
Guest House BolognaVia Sant'Isaia, 21GUESTHOUSE-
Bozz 3 Apartmentvia Asiago 21APARTMENT-
B&B AdrianoVia Dei Mille, 10GUESTHOUSE-
Ayhome B&BVia Savenella 2GUESTHOUSE87
Pisolo B&BVia Giuseppe Ceri 17 BolognaGUESTHOUSE-
Apartment BergamiVia Bergami 12, BolognaAPARTMENT-
Casa PisanoVia N. Pisano n. 46APARTMENT-
Bed & Breakfast Fiera City BolognaVia Michelino, 67GUESTHOUSE-
Park HotelVia FILIPPO turati, 1Hotel-



Keep Connected


Almost all towns and cities in Italy have internet cafes. A growing number of budget hostels and nicer hotels have free Wifi. By law all public-access internet points must keep records of web sites viewed by customers, and even the customer's ID: expect to be refused access if you don't provide identification. Hotels providing Internet access are not required to record IDs if the connection is provided in the guest's room, although if the connection is offered in the main public hall then IDs are required. Publicly available wireless access without user identification is illegal, so open Wi-Fi hotspots (like the ones you might expect to find in a mall or cafée) all have some form of (generally one-time) registration.


See also: International Telephone Calls

The main networks are TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile, part of Telecom Italia, formerly state controlled), Vodafone, Wind, and 3 (only UMTS cellphones). Best advice is to buy a prepaid SIM card (from € 10 upwards) and a cheap mobile phone (€ 19 upwards) to put it in (if you don't have a cellphone already that you can use). It will be much more practical. All land line numbers start with 0. Mobile numbers start with 3. Numbers starting with 89 are high-fee services. In case of emergency call the appropriate number from the list below. Such calls are usually free and calls to 112, 113 (police), 115 (fire), 118 (health) can be made from payphones for free without the need of inserting coins. 112 (standard emergency number in GSM specification) can be dialed in any case for free from any mobile phone.


Post Italiane is the national postal services of Italy and has quite an efficient network of postal offices and reliable postal services. Standard letters and postcards (up to 20 grams) cost €0.39 to send within Europe and the Mediterranean countries outside Europe and €0.41 to all other destinations throughout the country. Up to 50 grams, prices start at €0.52 for Europe, €0.62 for other areas. Packages start at €1.55 within Europe, and around €2.50 for other countries. Post office business hours in Italy are from 8:30am to 2:00pm from Monday to Friday, with closing times at Saturday and the last day of the month at 12 noon. In general, larger post offices in bigger cities and in tourist areas keep longer hours than those in local towns. Also note that business hours in the south might be different than the north, with longer hours at night, especially in summer! If you want to send packages you might try faster and more reliable/efficient private courier companies like TNT, UPS or DHL.


Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 44.4944456
  • Longitude: 11.3492311

Accommodation in Bologna

We have a comprehensive list of accommodation in Bologna searchable right here on Travellerspoint. You can use our map to quickly compare budget, mid-range or top of the range accommodation in Bologna and areas nearby.


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