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Bukhara/Kalon Minaret

Bukhara/Kalon Minaret

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Bukhara (formerly known as Bokhara in 19th century English) is the one of the largest cities in Uzbekistan with a population of around 250 000. Strategically located on the ancient Silk Route, the city experienced quick growth and wealth and this is reflected in the architecture and history to todays visitors. It's often referred to as one of the holiest cities in Central Asia, in part due to the name Bukhara which stands for "the Noble/the Holy". Of course the many mosques help.

The city consists of an old part and a new part, with the old part being the most popular for travellers as the main historical sights are grouped closely together here. A mandatory stop is the Lab-i-Hauz, a square centered around a big pool of water. It's a great place to sit and relax while watching the fountains. From the Lab-i-Hauz you can venture through the narrow alleys and streets taking in the Jewish minority neighbourhoods that Bukhara is also known for.




Bukhara has a continental climate with dry conditions year round, although some precipitation falls during the winter period. Summers are hot, winters are cold. Summer temperatures average around 35 degrees during the day, around 20 at night. But temperatures well over 40 degrees are not unheard of. Winters are on average not that cold, around zero, but occasionally temperatures can drop well below -20 degrees Celcius at night. The best time for a visit are spring and autumn when warm, sunny and dry conditions are the norm.





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  • Latitude: 39.765862
  • Longitude: 64.42234


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