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Córdoba (Argentina)

Travel Guide South America Argentina Córdoba

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Monument, Plaza San Martin, Cordoba

Monument, Plaza San Martin, Cordoba

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Córdoba is the capital of the Argentine province with the same name. Although it is the second-largest city in the country, it has a distinctly small-town feel to it. Córdoba is mainly known for its university; for tourists, the city is primarily worth a visit because of its pleasant centre, good restaurants, excellent nightlife and beautiful surroundings.




  • Downtown / Centro
  • Nueva Córdoba
  • Alta Córdoba
  • General Paz
  • Cerro de las Rosas



Sights and Activities

The main sight associated with Córdoba are the Sierras Chicas, a range of hills/mountains close to the city. It is an excellent spot for hikes if you find the Andes a tad too challenging.



Events and Festivals

  • Festival de Doma Y Folclore de Jesús María
  • Festival Nacional de Folclore - Cosquín




The weather is quite pleasant year-round. Summers can be hot though, lasting from December to February. Temperatures can rise up to 40 °C or more during the day, though usually it is more bearable with around 30 degrees on average. Nights are pleasantly warm with 15 to 18 degrees. Winters last from June to September with temperatures around 15 to 20 °C during the day and between 5 and 10 at night. Occasional frost and even a flock of snow are not unheard of.

Avg Max29.3 °C28.5 °C26.6 °C24.2 °C20.9 °C17.9 °C17.5 °C20.2 °C21.8 °C25.8 °C27.1 °C28.6 °C
Avg Min17.4 °C16.7 °C15 °C11.7 °C8.1 °C4.6 °C4 °C6 °C7.8 °C11.8 °C14.6 °C16.9 °C
Rainfall167.7 mm111.8 mm108.9 mm56.2 mm19 mm3.5 mm24.8 mm10.3 mm32.3 mm80.1 mm107.7 mm147.7 mm
Rain Days1211117423347912



Getting There

By Plane

Taravella international airport (International code: COR) offers multiple connections to principal cities in Argentina, southern Brazil and Chile. Note that most flights to Buenos Aires call at Aeroparque, and not Ezeiza. The transfer between both airports takes about an hour in medium traffic.

By Train

A high-speed train connection between Buenos Aires and Córdoba is scheduled to open around 2010.

By Bus

Córdoba is situated at the crossing of a number of national roads, and as such can be easily reached overland from all directions. Various companies offer direct service to and from Salta/Tucuman, Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Bariloche, among others. From Buenos Aires, the trip to Córdoba takes a little over seven hours.




Nueva Córdoba and Cerro de Las Rosas are the two biggest hotspots to go. Alta Cordoba it´s a good option too. For nightclubs and dancing until 5-6am Château Zone is the best one, Nueva offers small Clubs but with guaranteed Party.





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Keep Connected


Internet cafes are still widely available in most places, even in smaller towns, though many people are connected through the internet at home or by mobile device. Many cafes and restaurants offer free WiFi with an advertisement in their windows. All you need to do is buy something and ask for the password. Apart from specific places, including soms airports and major stations, quite a few cities are offering free wifi, including Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Iguazu Falls.


See also: International Telephone Calls

The country calling code to Argentina is 54. To make an international call from Argentina, dial 00 followed by the country code and the rest of the telephone number. All 0800 numbers are toll-free numbers, except if you call from a mobile phone. Emergency numbers are available for Police (101), Ambulance (107) and Fire (100). Emergency dispatcher for Buenos Aires (city), Santa Fe (city), Rosario (city), Salta (province), Corrientes (province), and Buenos Aires (province) 911. In a mobile phone 112 forwards to 911.

You can get a prepaid Movistar / Claro / Personal SIM card for a few pesos / free at phone shops, all you pay is about 20 Pesos for your initial credits. Inserting the SIM card into your unlocked American or European mobile phone should work, although to register the SIM you have to enter your passport (or any 9 digit) number - you then have your personal Argentinean phone numbers. Calls cost around 1 Peso per minute. Receiving calls is usually free, except for international calls, and some cross network / inter-city calls - hence buying a SIM card purely to keep in touch with people overseas may not be worth it.

Without a cellphone, there are similar cards with credits for international calls. You get them at so called locutorios, where you can also use the phone booths. You dial a free number to connect to the service, then your secret number for the credits, and then the international phone number you want to call. Using these cards, a one-hour call to Europe will cost about 10 Pesos. Don't call without such cards or even from your hotel - it will be way more expensive.


Correo Argentino is the national postal service of Argentina. There are also two private carriers operating nationwide (OCA and Andreani) and a number of regional ones though Correo Argentino will be the one most likely to be used by travellers. Post offices are mostly open between 8:00am and 8:00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday, though there are regional variantions with longer hours in central post offices in big cities and shorter ones in small towns. Services are pretty reliable but slow, mostly taking about two weeks to deliver a postcard or letter to the USA or Europe, but usually within a few days sending it domestically. There is also a more expensive express options. You can track a package online at the Correo Argentino website. Parcels take at least 3-5 days domestically and weeks internationally. Otherwise try international companies like FedEx, TNT, DHL or UPS to send parcels. It is probably more reliable as well as faster.

Quick Facts


  • Latitude: -31.405254
  • Longitude: -64.180389


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    I've come to Cordoba as a tourist 100 times, and now I live here!! ..this is one of the best places in the world!'s a town of argentinian and foreign students. So much youth means a lot of parties and fun! Also, there're lovely places of nature to relax.. it has it all!

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