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Clipperton, although offcially an overseas possession of France, is located far away from the mother country. The nearest piece of land is Socorro Island, Mexico, at almost 1,000 kilometres to the north. The island itself is an atoll of about 9 square kilometres and is uninhabited. Apart from military personnel and scientist/researchers, there are almost no possibilities to get to the island and generally is not permitted as well.




Clipperton is about 945 kilometres southeast of Socorro Island in the Revillagigedo Archipelago, the nearest land. Its ring-shaped atoll completely encloses a stagnant freshwater lagoon, and is 12 kilometres in circumference. The rim averages 150 metres in width, reaching 400 metres in the west and narrows to 45 metres in the northeast, where sea waves occasionally spill over into the lagoon. Land elevations average 2 metres, though Clipperton Rock, a barren 29 metres volcanic outcrop in the south-east, is considerably higher and is the highest point. The surrounding reef is exposed at low tide.




The island has a tropical climate with generally warm, humid conditions and a wet season between May and October, with possible hurricanes. Although the temperature hoovers arond 30 °C during most days, the constant breeze cools things of a bit.



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