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Colonia is an urban area belonging to the municipalities of Rull and Weloy, which serves as the capital of the State of Yap, one of the Federated States of Micronesia. It administers both Yap proper and some 13 atolls and islands reaching to the east and south for some 800 kilometres.



Events and Festivals

  • Yap Day - March 01. The biggest of the island of Yap’s many mitmit feasts takes place on the first weekend in March. Each village on Yap takes turns hosting this unique festival which has only recently been open to visitors outside the island. Yap Day is most famous for the intricate dances the villagers practice throughout the year and perform only once in a lifetime. The brightly dressed villagers perform stick dances, standing dances, sitting dances, and kneeling dances. The Yap Visitors Bureau hosts a reception during the festival’s final days and pays special honor to the guest who has traveled the longest distance to attend.
  • FSM Constitution Day - Each of the Federated States of Micronesia have their own constitution day holidays, but the entire island nations celebrates the date, May 10, on which the country’s national constitution was founded in 1979. This is not really a lively festival, but rather a day of rest and relaxation which Micronesians spend at shopping centers and parks on this day off from school and work.
  • FSM Independence Day - This November 3 holiday celebrates the nation’s sovereignty and accomplishments since its liberation from its colonizers. Independence Day is marked by all kinds of festive events with music, overflowing feasts and cultural presentations.
  • FSM Veterans of Foreign War - Observed November 11, this highly patriotic day in Micronesia commemorates the contributions of veterans who served in the US Armed Forces during the Foreign Wars.
  • United Nations Day - Few places celebrate United Nations Day with more fervor than the Pacific Islands of Micronesia. The island of Yap, in particular, marks each October 24 by closing all government offices, schools, and virtually all businesses. Fairs serving foods around the world and international cultural performances also fill this day celebrating the anniversary of the United Nations charter.
  • Liberation Day - September 11 remains a day of celebration on the Pacific Islands of Micronesia, whose citizens still associate this date as the anniversary of the United States WWII victory over Japan.
  • Tree Planting Day - As part of the forestry program in the Federated States of Micronesia, a tree-planting day is observed on June 1 each year in accordance with environmental week and Earth Day.
  • Micronesian Culture and Traditions Day - Established to celebrate Micronesia’s cultural and traditional heritage, this day is honored on March 31 every year.



Getting There

By Plane

United Airlines offers flights to Yap a few times a week from Guam and Palau. Certain Palau flights continue on to Manila.

By Boat

While on Yap, visitors may charter boats to the outlying Islands, which can be taken care of at a variety of places on the island.



Getting Around

By Public Transport

Taxis are plentiful in Colonia, and travelers are free to use the public bus system in Colonia to get around. These busses are often used to transport students and government workers and run between Colonia and the outer villages in early mornings and evenings, and cost roughly $1USD.

By Car

Rental cars are also available through a number of businesses located within walking distance of hotels in Colonia. Prices range from about $38.00 - $60.00 USD per day.




Currently in Colonia, you can choose between; O'Keefe's ($5.00 lunch specials include tea, rice, cabbage salad, soup and meat), Manta Ray Bar & Grill (aboard the converted Indonesian phinisi schooner SV Mnuw, behind the Manta Ray resort - great food at a reasonable price and if you eat on Wednesday or Friday night, you may catch a movie!), Ganir (more local style with a raised veranda style dining area), ESA (German cook with a variety of options priced very well) and Trader's Ridge (more great food and still reasonable).




Travelers should just reserve the first night at the hotel. Look around in Colonia the next day if you would prefer to switch to another hotel!



Keep Connected


There are various internet cafés in the state capitals, providing decent connections at reasonable prices.


See also International Telephone Calls

To call out of Micronesia, use exit code 011, followed by the calling code of the country you are trying to connect to, then the area area (leaving out any 0s) and finally the phone number.


There are post offices on all four states and are open during business hours Monday - Friday. U.S. postal rates apply, so check the United States section for that.


Colonia Travel Helpers

We don't currently have any Travel Helpers for Colonia

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