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David is located in the province of Chiriquí and is one of the three largest cities in Panama. It is a fast growing city, located near the north-western border of Costa Rica and is quite close to beaches, Boquete, mountains, coffee farms and rain forest. In the last few years tourism has grown tremendously, mostly contributed by the arrival of travellers at the border of Paso Canoas.




  • Central
  • Airport
  • San Mateo
  • Doleguita
  • Barrio Bolivar



Sights and Activities

  • Central Park
  • Rivers



Events and Festivals

  • La Feria Internacional de David in March




David has a tropical climate with the temperature varying between 27 °C and 33 °C. Temperatures at night usually don't drop below 20 °C. Typical to tropical climates, David has two seasons, a dry one and a wet one. The dry and hot season, considered summertime, lasts from January to March and the wet season is from April through December. During the wet season there is not necessarily non-stop rain for days on end, but it usually rains at least once a day, typically in the form of heavy shower during the end of the afternoon.

Avg Max34.5 °C35.6 °C36.3 °C36.3 °C33.8 °C32.5 °C32.7 °C32.4 °C32 °C31.7 °C31.9 °C33.1 °C
Avg Min18.8 °C19.3 °C19.9 °C21.1 °C21.6 °C21.5 °C21.2 °C20.9 °C21.1 °C21.1 °C20.7 °C19.3 °C
Rainfall33.3 mm19.3 mm35.5 mm102.5 mm297 mm322.6 mm289.8 mm340.3 mm406.6 mm400.5 mm295.4 mm77.4 mm
Rain Days2.



Getting There

By Plane

Air Panama and Copa Airlines fly to nearby David from Panama City. Air Panama connects to San José, Costa Rica as well. Air Panama flights departs from Marcos A. Gelabert Airport at Albrook and Copa Airlines flights departs from Tocumen International Airport domestic terminal.

By Bus

Buses connect David with San José daily, taking about 9 hours. Boquete is less than an hour from David with regular connections throughout the day.
Buses to Panama City leave on a regular basis as well and take about 7 hours.





Bambu HostelC/Virgincita San Mateo AbajoHostel84
The Purple House International Backpackers' HostelAvenida Sexta Oesta y Calle C Sur atras de la Camara de ComercioHostel80
Waterfall Hostel & Pool Bar9km outside David on the road to BoqueteHostel-




Keep Connected


Internet cafes can be found in cities and most major towns. Wifi is on the rise though with many hotels, restaurants and bars offering this services, especially in the major tourist areas like Panama City, Bocas del Toro and Boquete. Some mountainous or off the beaten track areas might not have any internet services at all.


See also International Telephone Calls

Panama's country code is 507. All cellular numbers start with the number 6 and have 8 digits. Land line phone numbers have 7 digits. 911 is the general emergency phone number.

Calls to the USA and Europe are between 4 and 10 cents a minute. The best way to make international calls from Panama is to buy prepaid telephone cards that are sold at every corner. The most popular is the TeleChip card. If you bring your cellphone, you can choose to buy a local simcard, instead of paying high charges for internet use through your home provider.


Correos y Telegrafos is the national postal company of Panama. It provides a wide range of services though you usually have to use the post offices for both sending and receiving mail and packages, including buying stamps. Post offices can be found in many cities and towns and are open from 6:30am to 5:45pm Monday to Friday and 7:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday. Domestic mail takes several days but to the USA and Europe for example it can take anywhere from 5 to over 10 days depending on the country. For sending larger packages, you might also consider using companies like FedEx, TNT, UPS or DHL, as they offer fast, reliable and competitively priced services as well.


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