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Dnjepropetrovsk is a city in Ukraine and was founded in 1787 by Knjaz (Prince) Potemkin at place of a Zaporozhian village called Polovytsia. The town called Katerinoslav was later renamed in Novorossiysk. In 1924 the city was given its present name.One of the most romantic and mysterious places of Dnjepropetrovsk is considered to be the Monastyrskiy island first mentioned in the hagiography of Saint Feodosiy as a place what one of the Christ’s followers Andrei Pervozdanny set his foot on. The island is regarded as the northernmost point of the apostle’s journey. It has got its name after a Byzantine monastery which was erected here in the IX century. Not long ago an Orthodox church was built on the island; there is an ancient cross nearby. As legends say, it was placed by apostle Andrei in the 1 century.
The city began to develop intensively in 70-th of the XIX century after the railway has been built here. At that time the oldest bridge of Dnepropetrovsk (one of three) – Amurskiy (or the Old) - was constructed here. As a result, crossing the river by a ferry on the way from Baturin to Perekop was not more necessary. In 1917-20 the anarchists of Nestor Makhno held the city at times. In 1919 the collection of the History Museum named after D.I.Yavornitskiy was saved from Makhno’s fighters thanks to a bottle of Cossaks’ gorilka (a national strong alcohol drink). Two bottles of gorilka aged 200 years were found by an archeological expedition. An archaeologist and historian Dmitriy Yavornitskiy changed one of two exhibits-bottles in a Writ of Protection for the museum. There is no sense to look for the second one: it was drunk up by the archeologists who have found it. Between the exhibits of Dnjepropetrovsk’s History Museum: heraldic and archeological materials, weapons, paintings, icons – there is a unique monument to a heroic soviet soldier – the Diorama “The Battle for Dniepr”.

During the excursion you will have the possibility to visit the mansion-museum of Dmitriy Ivanovich Yavornitskiy “the Father of Cossacks”, as contemporaries called him. The atmosphere of real Cossack’s hospitability reigns in this house. Famous authors – Lev Tolstoy, Lesya Ukainka, Ostap Vishnja, artists and musicians visited this cultural and creative centre. The excursion through friendly Dnepropetrovsk will leave pleasant memories and a wish to feel the atmosphere of the city once more.



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Ukraine Poshta is the national postal service of Ukraine (website is rather slow and not always working). Unfortunately, the postal service in Ukraine is unreliable or at least inefficient and slow. Most packages get stolen or searched for things that can be sold. Post offices exist in all cities and towns and postcards can be sent quite safely, but the service may be slow. Like many other businesses, post offices are open from around 9:00am to 6:00pm with a lunchbreak between 1:00pm and 2:00pm, though opening times may vary. Smaller ones in rural towns keep shorter hours, while the largest ones in Kiev are usually open very late, during weekends or even 24 hours! If you want to send a letter or postcard and buy stamps, just queue up at the line where you see envelops and cards. Be prepared to wait a while, also regarding the time it takes to send a postcard to Europe (a week) or the USA (two weeks), let alone places further afield. Always send letters by airmail (avia in Ukrainian). For faster (but more expensive) sendings of parcels, try companies like TNT, DHL, UPS or FedEx.


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